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  1. Alright today I woke up for skool and when I got home I got a party cup, like the blue plastic ones...Anyways I filled it up with potting soil and put my seed about a inch down in the soil and covered that baby bak up..I have it sitting right in the sunlight right now in a perfect spot...
    Also I asked a freind who used to grow and he told me the way he used to germinate a seed was put it in a cup of hot water and put a plastic bak over it and tie a rubber band around the cup and bag to keep moisture in and he would then turn his tv on all night and sit the cup on the bak of the tv to stay warm...Anyone ever heard of this type of germination by putting it in a cup of water.....Anyways is it alright to water the seed as soon as I plant it, or should I wait till the next day to do so??
    Thanks for the answer...O yea and if you have smart ass answers being fucking dickheads then dont bother posting on my thread unless its helpful....I am a newb incase u didnt know, and I will keep you all updated when I can

  2. Dude just stick 'em in the ground and they'll grow yo. This ain't fucking rocket science.
  3. Seriously.....

    Yes, dropping the seed in a cup of water is a common germination technique. Here's what I do: drop your seeds in a cup of water and let them soak overnight. By now the seeds should have sunk to the bottom of the cup. If they haven't, it is likely that the seeds are not viable.

    Take the seeds out of the water and plant them about half an inch deep in moist soil. They should sprout in 2 days or so.

    Most importantly, be patient and do some research or you won't grow a damn thing.
  4. finally some good information, thanx a lot u guys and thanx for not givin me a smartass answer like everyone else, i mean I am a hick remember lol and I am new to growing pot but thanx
  5. Being abusive to the others on this forum will not help your cause.
  6. when germinating in a cup of water the water doesnt need to be hot and nor does it need a bag over it or to be kept warm. its always going to be moist if its in a glass of water. drop seeds in and just leave for 24 hours. preferably in a dark place. as stated above if they sink theyre good if they float theyre shit
  7. sticky anyone

  8. why sticky this? it's just him asking about germinating and being a dick
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