Just planted my germinated seeds, could use some help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wunschshrek, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Ok here is what I have,

    I have 3 northern lights seeds I germinated, last night one poked out of the seed but I waited until this morning for the other two to poke out aswell.

    This morning I ran up and bought some mulch. I put the organic red mulch across the bottom to so the soil doesnt come out of the drainage holes. I used scotts soil and a ready grow mix that had some nutrietents in it, 3 parts scotts 1 part the later

    Now I planted each about a inch and a half down, and covered with soil.

    I used a 12 oz cup, and gave them each 3 12 oz cups full of water. They are in VERY big pots for this age I believe, I put them in 12 inch tall X 10 inch wide X 10 inch long pots.

    I then put saran wrap over them. I have a 250 MH light about a six inches above the 3 pots.

    Now my questions :

    -Did I do everything correctly thus far?

    -When is the next time I should water them.

    -I should take off the saran wrap as soon as I see something sprouting through the soil correct?

    -I have Tiger bloom, big bloom big growth (the three foxfarm nutes) when should I start using them? I ordered them off ebay so they did not arrive yet.

    -Should I move the 250 MH light closer then 6 inches or leave it as it is?

    Thanks any comments or help is very much appreciated. This is my first grow and I am trying to do it as best as I can. Just looking for a little help / re-assurance.

    Best Wishes.

  2. also as of right now the saran wrap is not air tight on the top, not even close -- its pretty much just laying across the top. The only way I can think of making it air tight is putting some scoth tape around it and I just dont feel like running out again today. Is the saran wrap neccesary?
  3. Ok.

    I took the saran wrap off, between me not beaing able to get it tight on the pot, and my fan literally blowing it off, I just said F*ck it. My thoughts would be saran wrap just helps keep the moisture in, but not needed.

    Here are two pictures of my setup --

    Grow Pic 1
    Grow Pic 2

    The light is about 12 inches away maybe. I know it is supposed to be two inches when growing, but how far when you plant them right after germinating?

    I gave the plants 36 Oz's of water each, and tried to spread it out as much as I could around where I planted the seed and across the entire top of the soil. The majority of the soil is not wet however, because these are big pots I believe for that much water. What would you do, is this enough water or should I water them a bit more? The bottom most likely isnt moist but its as moist as far as I can put my finger down.

    Thanks a lot.

    Sorry for asking so many questions, but this is my first grow and Im trying to do a good job, a bit overwhelming because im just going by feel and what I have read thus far.

    Any comments or aspects you can help me with, please do.

  4. All sounds good.
    You do not need the light shinning on the dirt though. Put light on it when it breaks through the soil. Do not give it nutes yet. Those first round leafs have enough for a couple weeks. Water it after it has poked through the soil and the pot is a) light when you lift it up or b) when the soil is dry an inch or more down. Yes your pots are pretty big. Less times you have to repot I suppose. Some of the others may give you a hard time with that; I won't. And yes keep the saran wrap on. Air tight is not necessary though and take it off the second it pokes through the soil when you can then light it.
  5. Dude. Stop watering the soil with the seed in it. Thorough watering of the soil should have been done before putting the seed in. Your watering will dislodge the seed now. Just leave it. Turn off your fan too you don't need it.
  6. Hello SmknVTEC

    Yeah i did read to water it first and then let it sit for 5 minutes before you plant the seed, looks like that totally slipped my mind when it came time though. Ok im going to put the saran wrap back over the top and turn the light and fan off.

    Thanks for the reply and the help again man, much appreciated.

  7. No prob Joe
    Good luck and talk to you soon.
  8. Hello,

    Update :

    Grow Pic 3

    I put saran wrap over the top, turned the light off, turned the fan off. How long does it usually take to sprout out of the soil at this point?

    Best Wishes,

  9. wunschshrek sorry to jack your thread for a second, but does anyone know if those pots will be large enough for the entire grow cycle, or if his NL plants will need to be re-potted into even larger ones? These are the size pots I was hoping to get and I was also thinking about growing NL, and if those are big enough for the entire process that would be great. Again sorry to go off topic in your thread for a second :eek:

  10. Sometimes sprouts in 1-2 days with suran covering, other times as much as 5Anything passed that its no good.

    no any MJ in those pots will need to be transplanted in about 2 weeks.
  11. No problem emoh.

    Ouch two weeks until I have to transplant in these pots?, I thought these would be good for the entire process, they are bigger then 5 gallon buckets which is what other plants grow in during the entire process right?
  12. wunschshrek,
    Unless your pictures of your saraned pots there are grossly distorted then there is no way in hell those are bigger than 5 gallons. They look to me to be about one gallon pots. If that is the case, then you are going to get tons of replies here saying to transplant them into something bigger. On the other hand, I have personally grown nice plants in one gallon pots. Don't expect when you are ready to harvest to be starting another thread entitled "my one pound plant" but, expect you can get nice buds from a one gallon pot. I think 1-2 ounces depending on strain and your growing skill can be expected from that pot if you don't replant. Hopefully, this answers Emohnke's question as well.
  13. they are 12 inches high and i think 10 inches wide and 10 inches long.

    Hopefully these put the size into better perspective, my tape measurer isnt at my house at the moment. I believe the magazine is 12 inches long, so it should then be a 12 X 12 X 12 inch pot, making it around 7 gallons. Would probably be easier if I had my tape measurer, oh well I guess I will know for sure in the morning. Good thing 5 gallon buckets are cheap lol, worst case scenario i gotta spend 10 bucks.

    Grow Pic 4

    Grow Pic 5

    Grow Pic 6

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