Just Planted Germed Seeds, Is This Cause For Concern? Pic Inside

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  1. Basically the tip of my germed seed (I don't know if you can see very well or not, camera wouldnt focus all that great.) but the tip of it is a tad bit brown (happened across all 5 of my seeds. Is this common?

  2. youre fine. put 'em in dirt then see what happens
  3. get em in the ground and find out! ive never germd seeds in paper towel so i couldnt tell u what the taproot looks like.
  4. Anyone else?
  5. As others have said, nothing to worry about. Bury them 1/2" deep into the ground and they should all break surface within 2-5 days.
  6. You just plant them in the ground and they pop out 5-7 days later?
  7. Yes, just putting under 1/4-1/2 inch of soil and they will pop up. Lots of methods. You could place seed in cup of room temp water, cover, place in dark for 15 hours, then place under 1/4 inch of soil, place in dark another 6 or so hours, then lights in for 24. Seed should pop through soil in 24-36 hours.
  8. Sweet tips
  9. haha dont be worried about something small like that, ur germinated seed looks more than ready to be planted. 
    id actualy like to reccomend a soiless mix of Coco coir and perlite, home depot sometimes carries coco coir in their garden section but i find that they sell out very quickly.
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    yep its fine the pic just shows the bottom fine root system she is defiantly rdy to get in to soil now
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    I soak them in a shotglass of water, until they sink. Which normally means that the seed has cracked open. Then i use a screwdriver and poke a hole 3/4" down in the center of the soil. I drop the seeds in and cover with soil only, making sure to not put perlite over the seed. (they have a hard time pushing it out sometimes) Then i cover the solo cups with a plastic bag and put them on a heating pad. The seeds i ran this year, pop'd the soil in less than 24hrs, All 6 of them!
  12. UPDATE: I've got 2 out of my 5 sprouted (Both still look like they have the seed attached to the tip) and have yet to show leaves. I'm assuming this is alright, and I'm also assuming the 3 out of 5 not sprouting yet isn't a huge cause for concern... yet, right? They've only been planted roughly 48 hours.
  13. Let the seed cap fall off on it's own it's fine.

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