Just placed my order.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Lexus_Rolla, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. I just put my order in the mail for a CCG spoon and the Futurola "Cigarette" roller. I sent it global express mail so it should be there asap. I hope I get my stuff with no hassel...

  2. the glass will arrive seperately and earlier than the futurola, the futurola will take about two weeks to get to you, even with priority mail! Thanks for the order!


  3. Quick question. First off, they money order should get to you on Monday, and if it isn't there on Tuesday, then I hate the fucking slow ass Postal service. Nextly, when my order ships, will the account status change? Like right now it reads "cash-checks." Will it read "shipped" or something. I'm just curious. Thanks a lot SJ.

  4. when you order is shipped you will receive an email confirmation and the status will indeed change to "shipped"

  5. Ahhh that's straight SJ, thanks.
  6. Hey SJ, I shipped the money order Global Express Priority or some crap so it *should* have gotten there today. That's ok if it didn't but if it isn't there tomorrow then I'm going to blow my post office up.

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