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Just pissin' around...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. So here I sit. Smokin' December Raisins - that's what me and the ol' man call the resin we clean out of the bong - and since it's December, well you get the idea. He's gone off to practice, the boys are out runnin', except the youngest, he's doin' his homework.

    I was supposed to get a tooth pulled out today but ended up just gettin' 'yanked around'. It's all good - got to spend the afternoon wit me muthah. We had fun. She started tellin me about another couple that her and her husband are gonna start playin' bingo with. After I realized who it was I just had to tell my mom "You know mom she gets high!!" Mom told me she knew and she doesn't care. My mom is crazy!! We had fun. Someday I'm gonna get her high!!
  2. i must say... your avatar kicks ass :D

    lol, you mah sounds cool as hell. :)
  3. I wish my mom had that attitude!!!!

    Hell I wish my wife had that attitude again!!!!!!!!
  4. My mom IS the coolest. When I was in high school me and my best friend had a very bad accident (drinking was involved). When I got home from the hospital, she had put a note on the front door for my friends who came to see me. It said "Friends of Stonie Jo: You will find her lounging in her suite up the stairs and to the left. At this altitude we ask that you smoke only factory rolled ciggarettes and drink non-alcoholic baverages. Thank You". Then there was this one night I came home - a bit drunk - to find that she was also a bit drunk. She was VERY happy to see me and said "Come sit on your momma's lap". So here's me (about 18 at the time) sittin' on my mom's lap and she says "I want to ask you a serious question", I thought 'oh shit - what did I do?'. Then she says "I've been sitting here for a while (which was obvious to me from the empty beer cans on the table next to her) and I've been watchin' this fly buzzin' around. He lands here, he lands there but what I want to know is - how close to the ceiling does he get before he turns upside down to land!?"
    I nearly fell off her lap laughing so hard!! DAMN!! Thankfully, I have her attitude and sense of humor.
  5. make her a few cookies and take her for a road trip[make sure ya got 50,s rock and roll]
  6. Good idea!! She's diabetic, though. She used to smoke cig's but she still likes for me to smoke around her 'cause she likes the smell. Maybe next time we take a road trip I'll just smoke a fat J and get her a contact buzz!! Oh, and she likes to jam - I turned her on to ZZ Top a long time ago. She likes Creedence Clearwater Revival and AC DC, too. We'd probly end up listenin to Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams before it was all over. It's a family tradition!
  7. that fly story is hilarious! How high DOES he get before he turns upside down? The world may never know...
  8. Yes it's like the 'how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop' deal.
    I bring it up occasionally for a laugh. She's crazy!
  9. one of those crap things ya remember.The fly turns over at the very last second .:D
  10. Really? OK so how many licks does it take?

  11. As many as you say stonie ,lol.:D
  12. It takes ALL of 'em!! Hey - check it out!! I finally hit the big 500!! Perfect! 500 licks!!
  13. Congrads on 500 Stonie Jo.. I'm dancing naked just for you!!!

    It does take all of them to get to the center of a tootsie pop!
  14. thats fuckin insane Jo...i wish my parents were like that..

  15. ummm,so we were talking about a tootsie pop?????..[​IMG] lol [​IMG]

  16. Not really.. You know we have to be carefull when not in pandoras box..

    This one is Stonies box!!1 LMAO
  17. Yeah, sorry I got a little carried away!!
    Uuummm.......yeah Tootsie pops - that's what we were talkin' about. Yeah................;)
  18. I like tootsie pops.. Not the ones with the toosie roll in the middle either!!!!!

    Lick it to the last drop!!!!!
  19. Down BH!! Get that tounge back in your mouth!!! LOL!!

  20. LOL.. Not enough room at the moment!!!

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