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Just pissies me O.F.F.F.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by unoit, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, well been trying to get on the net since 5:00 this morning and just now got on. I tell you it's enough to drive someone to drink!!!!!!
  2. HIGH All, been thinking maybe I?ve been showing to many fish pics and not enough nature ones. Instead of starting another one...I'll post it here.

    BBP sorry about your what's going on with you and hope maybe some Vancouver Island scenery will help.

    Me fishing on the Campbell River with Woodbug's faithful friend Drina.

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  3. HIGH All, our best friends log walking. LOL Tucker he's not to sure on his pins.

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  4. we lived in campbell river, very nice place. loved it there!

    nice pics!!!
  5. Looking good Unoit... Makes my day a little happier!

    Why does it take you so long to get on the net?
  6. FUCK again it went down....fucking thing goes down as much as I do *LOL*. Where was I....

    HIGH All, went down Island for some Phytoseiulus persimilis (mites that eats the Borg) and on our way back up Island we stopped at one of our places in the summer where we swim.
    This is the Oyster River which the River has cut it?s way though the limestone.

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  7. HIGH All, lived here for 23yrs and will never move daisyduked...our ISP keeps going down and there's nothing I can do about.
  8. HIGH All, yes the water is cold even in the heat of summer?.the River starts from Pearl Lake at the base of Alexandra PK which is 6,502? HIGH?

    Have to hurry before it goes down again!!!!

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  9. HIGH All, *LOL* Drina trying to make her way up. Does it look like she likes the water.

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  10. HIGH All, speaks for it's self!!!!!!

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  11. Beautiful stuff there bud! Looks like ya got a nice view no matter where ya look. :D
  12. HIGH All, and of coarse a Seasoned Tokers life....MMMMMMMM wonder what we?re doing.

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  13. Very beautifull place where you live.. I'd love to move up there.. It's got to be one of the best places in the world to live!!!!!
  14. looks really nice unoit, remids me a lot of Germany, weird i know but it was the black forrest.......brilliant place.......ps don't those logs move a lot?..........Peace out.........Sid
  15. HIGH All, thanks IndianaToker....as you can see I'm proud of where I live and have no problems showing the world what beautiful place it is.
  16. HIGH All, you know sid...I know what your talking about. Been to Germany and of coarse the Black Forest....and the Bunkers there are cool!!!!

    BH...come visit first and let me show you some of what we do up here on The WET Coast.....and of coarse that goes for anyone.

    Edit: Oh yes the logs move sid...should have seen me fall in the other day.
  17. lmao......with the fishing rod?......how deeps the water at that spot?.......Peace out.........Sid
  18. HIGH All, over my head *LOL*....it's about 8' deep where I'm fishing.
  19. what kinda fish you got in there?.....salmon?........Peace out.......Sid
  20. HIGH All, yes All five species of Pacific Salmon (Chinook, Coho, Sokeye, Pink and Chum), Steelhead, Cutthroat trout.
    Never a dull moment on this River my friend. Everyone should read " A River Never Sleeps by Roderick Haig-Brown"....

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