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Just picked up, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by roflcopter22, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I just picked up a 30$ of some bud from a new dealer of mine, im used to buying by the 8th and this was my first time getting a 30. What do you think? good deal, bad deal? Supposed to be some trainwreck and from what i can tell it looks good. Has some dense buds and that nice earthy smell (alot like skunk 1) Thanks.
    TL;DR Hows my bud

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  2. what did it weigh out to?
  3. looks legit and worth it, but dab a little on your toung if its numb one thing COKE! also if its very sticky and doesnt crumble off the stem it very well is a good deal
  4. 2.8 keep in mind. dense buds.
  5. thats a lot of bud for 30 bucks..

  6. hahah thanks and yeah i know how to tell if the bud is good. I dont know what a 30 looks like cause I never buy anything less than 8th and if i do its a dub.

  7. I guess im lucky?
  8. 30 bucks here in NY is 1.5 looks like 6 buds in that bag haha
  9. at $10.71 a gram...good deal

    and what the fuck are you talking about coke for?
  10. 2.8 for 30 is damn good. i pay 30 for a half eighth, which is 1.7. good pickup
  11. You could probably make some guacamole with it.
  12. 30 bucks for an 8th? i pay 60 =/. its usualy 50 but my guy says "theres a shortage"
  13. [quote name='"Snowman00"']thats a lot of bud for 30 bucks..[/quote]

    Yeah that looks more than the average eighth you get here in CT. Unless I'm seeing shit
  14. an 8th of dank where i am from is 30-35 dollars so yes good pick up OP
  15. Nice pickup! its definitely on the good side.




    Im from olympia
  16. Looks like a really good deal for $30. I'd hit this guy up more often.

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