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Just picked up! What do YOU think??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chuck_Darwin, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Here's a couple pics of what i picked up tonite. It was a quarter that weighed out to 7.2 for $120. The high is amazing. This might just be the best I've ever smoked.

    Let me know if you've seen this before or know anything about it!

    Sorry for the pic quality. The last two I actually held a magnifying glass in front of the lens, LMFAO!

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  2. looks a hell of alot better than what i have in my bowl so congrats on that pickup man
  3. thats an expensive quarter

    looks like some outside dank
  4. Looks like decent bud but it's rather leafy. Probably should have been manicured better.
  5. that stuff doesnt looks dank 2 be honest n that stuff isnt worth 120 a quarter ........ i just got done smokin a bowl of my 1 hitter quitter bud had about 10 hits right now n im smashed as shit n this bud doesnt smell much my dealer doesnt know the name of this bud but it looks like its the very tip of a plant the very bud its doin great 4 me but i paid 20$ a gram thats a lot but its really nice bud havent had any 4 a long time like this :D
  6. Nice buds, but whoever grew it should invest in some trimming shears.

    Represent the taxation.
  7. What's important is the OP is happy and it gets him very high.
  8. all dank around here is 60 an 1/8. i had some very leafy suff this week that looked similar but very fluffy and it had one of the best body highs ive had in a while. Just cause it doesnt look good doesnt mean it isnt. Nice pickup man!

  9. Of course, always. I just view bud presentation somewhat similiar to culinary presentation.
  10. could be trimmed better,and 120 a quarter, not so sure about that.. but as long as your happy, toke on:smoke:
  11. little leafy for me but bud is bud so enjoy
  12. Yeah its kinda weird looking. As far as trimming the entire bud look leafy, but its not that harsh. Real smooth, no coughing at all.

    I would consider this a one hitter quitter, hands down.

    At $120/7 it's cheaper than any other quarter around here, believe it or not.
  13. really fuckin leafy for 120 a 1/4
  14. Bud looks overall pretty good. Needs to be trimmed better but I mean other than that it looks good. 120$ for a quarter of heads is pretty normal prices where I live.

    Good pickup :smoke:
  15. Yeah, it looks like some of the skunk I buy, only leafier and perhaps a little less crystalised, though I'm not sure about that. But it looks good to me - hairy and with brown spots :smoking:
  16. 10 hits does not equal one hit quit "stuff"... obviously.

    Yeah, as said before, it looks outdoors and seems not very well manicured, but no biggie it still looks good.
  17. Looks pretty nice, outside smoke.

  18. Just a noob question, what makes it look like it's been grown outside? Is it the bleach colors?
  19. doesnt look bad at all just a lil under trimmed.
  20. That's terrible. I think it's robbery here in California for some super dank for $130-$150 1/2 oz., but $120 a 1/4?? I feel like coppin a couple lbs and sharin the love when I go on vacation :D

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