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Just picked up this...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by loops93, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Today I called my dealer to get some weed and that's what i got, it has a nice smell and you cant really see it but there's crystals everywhere on the buds. It looks brown a bit but idk, im still a newbie lol.
    what do u think bout it? camera is crap sry

  2. Not bad at all. It's a bit leafy. Someone rushed the trim job. They were buzzing with anticipation most likely. :p

  3. so its looks like mids?
  4. Looks better than any of the mids I have ever got. Picture quality/color looks a bit off, but overall it looks like some pretty alright bud with a bad trim job.
  5. Looks like a decent sized bud. Like everyone else said, it's leafy, but just break those up too and smoke them :smoking:
  6. looks decent..the trim job could be better but other than that, I'd gladly light that shit up!
  7. No, what you got there is better than mids. It's just leafy cuz whoever trimmed it was probably in a hurry. Trimming bud sounds fun in theory, but it gets tedious fast.
  8. Dank nug
  9. got some more pics, i tried to to do better lol :/
  10. How 'bout a buzz report? Tell us how it tastes and smells. We can't see those things in a pic. Is it smooth smoke, or does it make you choke? It looks well taken care of. :smoke:
  11. yea thats way better than mids man. i wish i had a connect like that when i first started smoking.
  12. Looks good to me. Not the best trim job but it'll smoke! Keep it safe.

  13. I tried it yesterday and it is smooth to smoke, it has a nice smell, not too strong but it's nice. I cant really compare cuz ive been smoking for few months lol.
    It also gave me and my friend a very nice high, i liked it.

    well im happy to know i didnt get crap

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