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Just picked up. Tell me how this stuff is

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bill Hicks, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Still pretty new to smoking and buying bud. This is my second time buying from my friend adn I think he hooked me up. I payed 15$ for this and he said it's pretty good. LEt me know if this is a good deal and how good the bud is. Thanks guys.

  2. Looks like mids but decent amount probably like 1.5+ so not a bad deal.
  3.'s ok. I wouldn't pay 1$ for that though, because once you have the dank...there's no going back.
  4. Once you go dank, you don't go... Hilary Swank..

    Haha, OP looks like a solid price, no rips from your dealer :)
  5. thanks guys!!
    going to smoke now
  6. mids for sure
  7. Bad mids that have plenty of seeds, probably a male plant aswell.
    looks like 1.5 maybe 2.0
    Shwagg, so I guess if your new to smoking its descent.
    How old are you?
  8. get out of here age cop
  9. :)

  10. #11 Deleted member 15510, Jun 4, 2009
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  11. Looks like some mids, not a good hookup at all. Smoke it, you will get high. Worth maybe 10$ honestly.
  12. yeah looks like some mids, but it doesn tlook too bad for 15 dollars

  13. Either its a male or a pollinated female..

  14. He sounds young.
  15. ...

    male plants don't produce buds. and no where does his post indicate that he sounds young, even if it does, it isn't of your concern.

  16. You sound young.
    No need to be a dick.
  17. when you only smoke funk, this looks like schwag, But dude, it's mids 15$ a g,
    nice amount for 15$
    Happy smoking.
  18. Looks like about 2 grams to me and mids so yeah it's a fair deal. Not a "hook up", like he wasn't doing you a favor, but you didn't get ripped off. And yes it is most likely off a hermie plant or female that grew with males, but males don't have buds...

  19. my friend told me when he sold shwag people would say, "ahh this must be from a male" but i jsut didnt believe him haha

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