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just picked up half ounce of dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Medicali Lover, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. great dank dude, enjoy!
    +rep for them quality pics
  2. Looks awesome and amazing pics, wish I had a camera like yours
  3. Nice bud, looks more than a half o?

  4. yeah its 3 g's over actually my guy is my friend so i get it hooked up a lil fat

  5. it looks really fluffy thats why

    great buds bro :hello:
  6. nice buds +rep
  7. Ooo Nice! :smoke: Good Friend!
  8. that looks like a fat half oz. how much did u pay for it?

  9. It cost me $200.
  10. I got that red grinder too, it was realley cheap at my glass shop;) Nice pick-upp:smoke:
  11. nice pics, that looks real good.
  12. Looks like some fire.

    $200 for 17 grams (Since the extra 3) isn't bad. Nice pick-up.
  13. 200 is about standard for 17 g's but those are some dank buds
  14. Have a great smoke!!!
  15. + fucking rep. I hate when people post saying they scored large quantities and then only post a picture of one nug. Whole pics FTW.That dank looks mighty fine. Blaze it up.

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