Just picked up an Oz of Jack

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bobby820, Feb 5, 2004.

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  2. looks great! how much did that set you back?
  3. hmmm ethier i got rip off, or thats more then a oz........ but if i got rip off i will run up to thats baster..
  4. Well I got it off my boy so he hooks me up nicely.. No idea how many grams it is cause I don't have scale.. Should have one tomorrow though... I'll post what it is as soon as I know..
  5. i say its 2 1/2oz-3 1/2oz. how much did you pay for that
  6. tight flowers

    and that looks like a large oz
  7. yeah, seriously, thats a big ounce...
  8. It's a good size ounce but the picture makes it seem huge..
  9. thats crazy thats a sick deal for 325 looks way more than just 1 pizza pie
  10. That zip looks FUCKING HUGE
  11. Pass that over here man!
  12. Wow that is some nice bud! But it does look to be about 1 oz. Ive had Z's that look tiny that weigh out, and also Z's that look huge but are really fluffy and weigh out to just 1 oz.
  13. it looks like theres 1 1/2 out of the bag and there seems to be more inside the bag. tell us how much it weighs out to
  14. I'd be content with 1/50 of that. Being dry sucks. :(
  15. That HAs to be more than a oz... fuckin phat though dude :)
  16. fat ass ounce man, and 325's a good ass price
  17. looks good man... where in carlsbad are you at? i'm down in leucadia..check your PMs..

  18. Bingo. By the way, is that Jack Flash, or Jack Herrer?

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