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just picked up an ounce of aussie dank :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bazoski1er, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. #1 bazoski1er, Nov 16, 2011
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    hey blades, as the title says, I just bought an ounce of some dank buds. this marks the end of my 40 day voluntary t-break, so i am quite excited to smoke. i can't take bud shots due to lack of a half decent camera, otherwise this would be in Stash Jar.

    it's a very hairy, resinous no-name sativa dominant hybrid :)

    feel free to discuss recent pickups and whatnot, i'm off to grind some up and rip a cone!

    btw it cost me $250 for the O, it's poorly trimmed but my dealer hooked me a up a few grams when i pointed that out :)

    happy toking :bongin:

    EDIT: added a pic of the bag on the scales

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  2. Dude enjoy, you deserve it after such a long break. :smoking:

    ...damn he hooked you up good :bongin:
  3. thanks man. i had been smoking every day since the start of the year, so i decided to take a break before my VCE exams. finished yesterday and looking forward to the next couple of weeks :bongin:

    also awaiting the arrival of my GlassCity - The Bubblicious Bong - 7mm - from GC.

    can't wait to use a nice GonG bong again :) should be here by the end of the week :bongin:
  4. holy daing, good luck smoking all dat. Glad to hear you're off ur t break :)
  5. i totally thought that bag was a little cat when the pictures little
  6. Enjoy that shit, man. Wish I had an O sitting in front of me.

  7. a man can only dream, haha.
    Bazo, you deserve it man after that long of a t break now u and Mary Jane can meet up and see how things been going.
  8. just started my 30 day t-break few days ago ;p be toking by christmas break :D except I have an oz in a jar in my closet ready to go :) enjoy it tho :D

  9. Very nice pickup. You have the same scale as I do :hello: your the first person on this forum that I have seen with the same scale lol nice.
  10. Hey man where bouts in australia are you? Cause im over in the gold coast and all i can seem to get is Hydroponic mids! I must get my hands on some of that dank!
  11. haha nice but i don't see it :p

    thanks man, i am.

    oh cheers bro, i can assure you that mary and i have had a very long conversation :D

    good luck holding out 30 days, it's always harder when you have bud around you. i bet you can do it though!

    haha sweet as, i haven't seen anyone else with it either. it's not fantastic but it does the job.

    i'm from down south in Melbourne :)

    pretty good shit here, i've heard gold coast is usually over-priced and not great quality.

    jump over to this thread, you may be able to find some other gold coasters who can point you in the right direction

  12. will do!

    correction.. am doing!


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