just picked up an eigth of shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by foofeenono, May 31, 2006.

  1. the caps are small and thin stems. the color is blueish.

    i wanna make sure i didnt get ripped off, is $35 for an eigth good?

    and the amount is only like the bottom of a plastic bag about a half an inch up.
  2. Yeah you're fine. Have fun bro keep in good spirits.
  3. thanks for the quick reply, will be sure to enjoy them :hello:
  4. Pics!

    But you should be fine. Try talking down to 30 next time. :)
  5. ya its a lil bit of a high price but u mentioned they were bluish looking which is always good

    next time aim for like 20-25$

    have a nice trip!
  6. blue means very good
  7. yeah if they are blue its all good, you might not even want to eat them all unless youve done shrooms a few times
  8. mmmm magic mushrooms there fun have a great time bro :)
  9. i've always wanted to give shrooms a shot, i didn't know the were that cheap either, figured they'd maybe cost a bit more than weed
  10. Ya man I love how shrooms are fairly cheap, its nice to treat yourself to a good trip now and then! Have fun dude:smoking:
  11. I say split the bag with a good friend, and go to the beach. (get to the beach BEFORE consumption plz) , youll have a blast.
  12. dont EVER EVER Pay more than 35 u got the higest . normal . price...

    EVER i say .. just waste..

    eat on empty stomach..
    eat alone (no food w/ it)

    smoke some..


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