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Just picked up a zip of nice mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by imarolla187, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. got a zone of these mids...let me know what you guys think. paid 150

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  2. Good for the price dude
  3. Definitely worth 150. Good deal on ya there
  4. those are some fireee mids haha. around my area mids are shit, that kinda shit would just end up being sold as dank
  5. In Nashville, Tennessee you could get that for 100 an O but still a nice buy for 150 man.
  6. Id deff smoke that good price rep+
  7. thanks guys yeah i was surprised to see mids around my parts...i havent come across any ina long time.
  8. your mids are better then my regular nugs. ass. lol.
  9. that's some dank around here, man. fucking great deal

  10. yeah dude, here in the badger state. that would be 60 a dub here.
  11. Nice mids looks like what i got right now:smoke:
  12. Central Ohio I get it a hundred as well but everyone has a price.

    look like a nice pickup though
  13. i love the look of those mids. soo so good .. for mids..

    but doesnt it suck knowing that canadians and some californians pay 150 an oz for the best bud ever:eek:!! god im jelous
  14. I live in the badger state... 60 a dub?! lol wut? You need some new connectzzzz
  15. I see people sell worse at $60 an eighth around these parts. location location location...and who ya know.
  16. I would pay $150 for that all day, nice pickup.

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