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Just picked up a quarter of grit in NY.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kamikazikillah, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So yeah just got a quarter from a dude that i usually dont buy from.......and guess what?

    It is all Grit and im 100% sure. Smoked some of it and knew somthing was off, the way it burned and tasted wasnt right. So i looked closer and i know it has been sprayed.

    When you put a flame to it, it starts cracking and sparkling without even inhaling on it.

    What the fuck, cant even buy weed safely anymore.

    Just to let everyone know this is in upsate NY. Just be on the lookout.
  2. shhiittttt. i better be gettin on the lookout here in PA. sounds like things might be hittin here soon, wont take long to get from NY to PA now.
  3. Why people have to do that shit is just beyond me..
  4. Dealers care about money, not quality. It sucks.
  5. Sorry to say but this could have easily been avoided. Whenever you buy a bag, especially from someone you don't know, you gotta check that shit out before money changes hands. just ask to see it first next time, pull out a nug to inspect, and you should be strait.
  6. sometimes its not that easy man. you obviously haven't bought any nick or dime sacks from the streets or projects. they just hand u that shit n keep walking.

  7. *insert 'captain obvious to the rescue' pic here*
  8. Whats up with these idiots on the east coast spraying their weed?

    Damn man. This is getting out of hand.

    Sorry to hear about this man.

  9. Yeah man i was saying that i never bought off this guy before. I was dry and needed weed. My usual guy was out for 2 days......

    I cant be like "excuse me sir can you hand me the weed before i pay you?"

    Hed be like fuck you and walk away. Dealers that you dont know off the street are mad sketchy.
  10. Fuck, I'm in upstate NY. And my friend is picking up a quarter tomorrow from a dealer he's never bought from before. With my money. (He's promising to pay me back no matter what though. He's a really trustworthy guy. And if he somehow fucks me over, he's getting fucked over.)
  11. That's what happens when you deal with shady ass people that you are accustomed to dealing with. You can't buy weed off the street, you better know what you are getting into or its not worth the BS.
  12. Make friends with people before they sell to you!
    Then you know they wouldn't sell you something that could kill you.
    Be careful guys!

  13. I buy weed off the street all the time. Usually if I'm not copping weight I'm buying dimebags from the hood. And guess what, I've never been cheated. And anybody that is accepting money from you for a product that they are selling has no choice but to let you see the product before you buy. If they act like they don't want to show me, I say "Good Day". 'Cause the guys selling nicks and dimes in the hood are in it for the same reason as the frat boys and skaters selling oz.'s and qp in the 'Burbs, which is to make money.
  14. i've honestly never seen grit weed.

    is it like, shit weed that's been sprayed to gain weight? or is it like, buds with insecticide on it?

    was this mids, or some shwag, or beasters, or headies?

    i just wanna know what to look out for.
  15. damn dude that is shittay

    ive never seen grit weed myself (thank god for prop 215 ^_^) but i would be pissed if that happened to me.

    does it look like regular bud if u just glance at it?
  16. Ah i just moved from New York City to Upstate NY. Ehh i havent met any dealers up here but damn. Its just all suburbs around here. Except a mile away to the ghetto of middletown. Hopefully i dont find a laced bud man.
  17. #17 The5thcolum, Jun 6, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 6, 2009
    I've come across some of this weed myself, back in March though... Haven't gone back to the dealer since and haven't ran into any of this bud since... The kind I was getting looked mad fucking dank, and it was only 10/g. It looked like it had a shitload of trichs on the nuggs, but it was a suspicious coloring, i've never seen bud with that tint on it. When you lit it, it would just sizzle....and not stop sizzling until the bowl was done. I bought 2-3 bags of the shit off of him, my friends kept telling me the sizzling meant it was dank as hell, but fuck that shit. I don't trust it at all, i'll stick to buying weed that I feel comfortable smoking.

    I wouldn't get all worried about this, i'd be straight up with whatever dealer you're buying from. Saying something like, "hey dude, i know there's been some grit weed going around the area and I just want to make sure i'm not getting ripped off before I buy." A dealer who knows his shit and knows how to do business would probably let you check out his nuggs and even pack a test bowl to try out.
  18. I like to make sure that somebody I know has done business with a dealer before I even consider buying from them. I rather just go without weed for a day or two instead of risking losing my hard earned money to some shit head trying to rip me off.
  19. Well i talked to the guy that i bought it offa and he said he diddnt know anything about it. He doesnt even smoke weed so he had no clue. I guess after i told him he said he was going to go call people that bought of him and let him know....

    yeah right......
  20. Was this mids or beasters like the rest of grit everyone has found?

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