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Just picked up a bag half dank half mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by backdecksmoker, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Just got back from walking to a dealers house that I got through my sister I know that he usally gives her some mids I didn't want that So I asked him how the bud was he said it was kills. I get to his house and smell the bag quick to see how the bud is (Couldn't see the bud because it was dark out) Smelled pretty good so I gave him the money but when I got home i checked out the bag to half the nugs nice and frosty and the other ones a very dark shade of green with a lot of red hairs. It was only a 20 bag so not a big deal should I ask for a full bag of dank next time I pick up because its pretty good bud im stoned off my ass right now (you can probably tell im rambling like crazy):smoke: should I offer a extra 5 bucks for a full bag of dank or ask for a 20 sack of kills for 20 like I usually get from other dealers?
  2. if you have a grindr with a kief cathcher, that's a good way to blaze... but anyways it all depends on whre you live and how much you payed which you should have included in your post.
  3. haha sorry I Live in B.C canada so kills all around :) I payed 10$ a gram
  4. Kills? if you want to know the right way to say GOOD weed its dank. Don't mean to offend, just telling you :smoke:
  5. Haha I know around here we call it kills you can tell I was trying to use dank as much as I could in my OP because I know kills is just in my area

  6. It's different everywhere, that might be correct in your area but where I live people don't say bud is dank, they say it smells dank but no one ever says they have dank bud. People just say it's good bud or it's high grade around here, or that it's bomb.

    OP, is the other bud you got in the bag good? If you pay 5 dollars more for half a bag more of kills why not get that, it'll last you longer than the mids and get you higher.
  7. Yea im probably just gonna put down another 5 for a bag of kills next time its some pretty good bud :smoke:
  8. Ya, definitely go with the dank, only smoke the best man.

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