Just Picked Up 2 Tubes of Dramamine...

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  1. I will be trying them Saturday at a friend's house. I know all the risks and mostly what it should be like. What I'm wondering is exactly how much do you think I should take if I'm looking for a full blown trip with many hallucinations. It says each has 12 tablets and they're 50mg each. I have 2 of them so that's 600mg each tube. I was thinking of just going crazy and taking both (1200mg/24 tablets) but I'm afraid that will be WAY too much.

    What do you think is a good dose for what I'm trying to achieve?

    Thanks in advanced, and I plan on posting the next day what happened.
  2. take the 1200mg dont be a pussy:Djk,idk i think 600 sounds good,is it your first time?
  3. isn't this like your 3rd thread all about the same thing?
  4. I don't get why people start so many threads. You don't even need to go back a page to find pretty much any drug thread. Find an old one and bump it!!
  5. Yeah it is. I hear 15-20 tablets is a good dose for a crazy trip.

    You could say that. They all inquired me taking dimenhydrinate but they were different in some way or another. I was just too lazy to go find the thread and post another question people probably wouldn't even read. I figured this was the most efficient way to get answers.
  6. such a stupid idea.
  7. You shoulda bought some beer or a dime bag or somethin. Dramamine will make you fucking loopy. For real, its not a fun "trip". Shit makes you delusional. Straight up, it'll be the most uncomfortable thing you've ever expirienced. I dunno, if you like hearing shit talk to you murmuring death threats, checkin your 6 o'clock every 10 seconds and puking, then maybe you'll have a good time.

    If you got yourself a stomach ache pop maybe 2 of em, fix that shit right up. But there's a reason why you don't hear people boasting about their amazing dramamine trips, you can find out the hard way if you like man, just a heads up.
  8. I know that it's not enjoyable but I need to do this. I will be smoking a bowl or two before or during the trip to ease myself down a bit. Thanks for being concerned though.
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    Need to? You don't need to do anything. Just read erowid about dimenhydrinate. Everyone has bad trips. I'll quote the last thing the guy says after describing his 450mg trip... " don't take Dramamine recreationally, ever. Unless you're already a paranoid schizophrenic (I have no history of mental illness, by the way) and you feel you could use some more imaginary friends, or if you'd like to see your city hire more cops. Or if your laundry isn't sympathetic enough to you. Frankly, if I was your underwear, I'd expect you to sympathize with me"

    If that doesn't make you not want to try it, check this website out of an adolescent videotaped overdosing on this drug. http://411show.blogspot.com/search?q=dramamine
  10. I know I do not have to do it. But if I don't do it, I'll always wonder what it's like. I know it will probably suck but I just want to see for myself. I just want to, even if I know how shitty it is. It's hard to explain, but some people know what I'm talking about.
  11. I don't get why, even if you know your going to have one shit hell of a time, you insist on trying it anyways. It's like, if you've been wondering how it feels to kill someone, you know its going to be the worst thing you've ever done and you will go to jail, yet, you just want to try it out, for your own first hand expirience. I dunno man, if you do go through with it, i recommend not smoking weed with it, thats most likely to boost your already real enough delusions and i bet it'll make you paranoid as holy fuck. Do as you please though, i have no control over you.
  12. Hey I personally enjoy the trips from both Dimenhydrinate and diphenhydramine. I guess that makes me a nobody.
  13. Let him try out Dramamine. It's his decision and it will be interesting to see what he says in his response to it. Think good thoughts. :D
  14. That's diphenhydramine...I will be trying dimenhydrinate. Though they have similar names and similar effects they are not the same drug. See what erowid has for DIMENHYDRINATE... because there's not much on it.

    And I wouldn't compare trying out a delusional substance to killing somebody...

    Thank you. I will be doing it around 1pm Saturday hopefully. I think it will go a little bit better if it's brighter outside, so I don't get the more scary hallucinations that usually come out during the night and dark.
  15. Just remember that your tripping so don't go and do anything crazy.
  16. Do you even know the difference? The chemical comp. is exactly the same minus one amino funct. group They work in the exact same way, regardless of what people believe.
  17. he just wants to test his mind or as so it seems,most people have a bad trip cause there mind is to fragile,but im sure if your a strongminded person you could have the trip and learn something out of it to use to your benifit.
  18. One more question. Is it a bad idea to go to a park and do it by myself for a couple hours, then go to my friends house? Or is that just a completely stupid idea.

  19. Man, are you even reading these trip reports on erowid.org? Jesus, people cant even walk from their room to the bathroom. You actually think you will be able to walk to your friend's house while you are completely dilusional? Think again. You are going to fuck yourself, watch....

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