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just picke up half an o -70 bucks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by footballerus7, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. What's up blades.
    Just got hooked up half an ounce of some cheese for 70 bucks. This shit smells delicious and tastes good. I am so high off of this right now

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  2. maybe the pic quality, but looks rather mediocre
  3. mids for sure
  4. :eek: that's a half ounce?
  5. for $80 more ($150) i got an oz of OG Chunk and Fruity AK while i was in seattle...
  6. first stuff looked like the reggie we got around here second set of pics look super dank
  7. cause this is the northwest... wherever this guy is from his weed is high mids if that... :eek:
    I get redankulous weed here in Montana sometimes... in june my guy delivered 2 ounces for my buddies and i for $480... i paid $160 and gave myself 22g... cant get much better than that here. 4 strains as well.. half oz of each... here's a nug of silvertip (ssh x gdp)

    Montana is the shit... washington is even more the shit... oregon is just as good... colorado is awesome from what ive seen but ive never actually visited CO, just been to denver int'l, ive got a couple friends that can get me 200/oz prices... for the dankest shit you will ever see :smoke:
  8. ^^^ Bro that looks freaking dank! I am totally jealous
  9. Definitely envious, while it is out there, high quality flowers can't be had for near that price in the N.E.... I wish though lol, be thankful..
  10. Some dankity dank
  11. Looks ok. It was harvested sloppy for sure. But probably higher end mids....
  12. Wish I could upload good pictures of my pickups but I don't have a good camera :(
  13. Nice grab man, sweet price too! Better than what I'm getting in Ontario!
  14. im not trying to thread jack but yeah 70/half o is a good deal... and i would smoke that shit up quick... i know i can get homegrown for the the cheaper prices but i prefer to only smoke what my buddy offers which is always consistent dank for pretty cheap prices. but yeah... i get quarters for $70... most the time. :eek: (but it's dank... always)
  15. I get half an ounce for 50$
  16. Everyone in this thread needs to STFU.

    Just kidding:]

    I get 1/8 for 65.

    I'm so jealous. -.-
  17. Yeah deffinately not the best weed I've had but it smells delicious and the high is great.
  18. Thats looks like most of the bad weed we get over here in england and we have alot of it. finding a good connect is like finding aneedle in a haystack.
  19. I bet half of that half ounce was leaves and stems.

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