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Just pickd up some kush? PICTURES help me out!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bricksONdeckk, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. 2 nugz outta the sack i got bout 30 minutes ago! lol :smoking: dankkk

    ifone 668.jpg flash

    ifone 669.jpg no flash

    ifone 664.jpg the whole gang ha
  2. Looks GREAT :smoke:
  3. What kind is it? But it looks Beautiful.
  4. i donno wat its called im just guessing its some kush? if anyone knows feel free to let it be known!
  5. IDK but whatever it is it looks great. Have you smoked any yet?
  6. Looks really good bro. Finally someone today who posts 'dank' that is actually dank.
  7. haha thanks man more dankk pictures comin up!
  8. that is fucking nice bud man. how many g's?
  9. 7, its pretty dense bud!
  10. nice. i never had kush but im on the look out for some. whats the difference between kush and just regular dro? (dro is all i smoke)
  11. Me personally, I belive Kush is a more sweeter high then Hydro. I like hydro cuz no seeds. Its really just the type of person. Some like Dro better.
  12. how much did that quarter cost you?
  13. 100 pretty good price
  14. Thats an alright price. That looks pretty fresh too.
  15. nice buds. hows the high like?
  16. what'd you need help with?! :confused:

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