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Just out of curiosity...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Valcurium, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. would you punch a kindergartener in the face for 50 pounds of weed? Justify your answer lol
  2. Of course.. Who wouldnt
  3. No I wouldn't.
  4. Yes I would. But i would sell a small amount of that weed and buy all kinds of cool shit for the hes gonna get ALL the bitches
  5. Yeh, i would punch a kinder garden for 50 pence of weed, Hell maybe for free if they covered my travel expenses.
  6. No, because then I would go to jail for having punched a kid in the face and an added charge for 50 lbs of mj.

    If there are no consequences in this hypothetical then yes I would, I hate children and I love bud.
  7. yeah

    i mean


  8. Hit and run dude fuck yeah lol , but i would snd his mom some money after i got out of the area
  9. What kind of bud are we talking about?
  10. Nope, not my style.
  11. Is the kid a jerk? Nah just playin I would do it regardless
  12. Punch him in the face and take the weed?
    With that mentality you will never be more than a minor punk thug.

    Grow up and your act together.
    Promise to NOT punch him in the face if he gives you half the weed and helps you sell it.

    Be sure to park your Big Wheel near the door so you can make a quick getaway.

    If the teacher gets suspicious, just cry, piss your pants and claim the other guy was bullying you.
  13. Punchin and runnin always worked for me...
  14. Yea and I wouldn't even think twice

  15. This. I'd do it but then he would get pretty much anything he wanted. That's an odd question though haha.
  16. Should've been a poll topic, I would have loved to see the stats behind this question.
  17. If I knew for a fact I would not get arrested or have any repercussions from it, then probably. I suppose it depends on the kid I was being forced to punch.
  18. More appropriately...who wouldn't you thugs punch in the face for 50 lbs?
  19. Honestly I would rather punch a MMA fighter or someone similar than a kindergartner. Sure the MMA fighter is going to fuck my world up, but I'll have 50 pounds of weed for that :cool:
  20. I don't need an excuse to punch a child in the face

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