Just ordered the Nautilus

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  1. you should check outt the ssfg inline, it riiiips and it's only 90$.
  2. my friend ordered that too haha. I would go to etsy and look for an A/C
  3. order just the ashcatcher. the price should show as $90.
    very reputable.
    youtube "ssfg inline"
    a beast of an a/c.
    and thats a good thing.
    order it in 18.8
  4. The bong isn't included when you buy the SSFG a/c. It'll fit, just make sure you specify you want the size to be 18.8
  5. Is the A/C really worth $100 though?

    That seems pretty incredibly pricey

    Than again, what would I know I'm just now getting my first bong lol :smoke:

    Thank you for the advice everyone, if I do ever buy an ash catcher I will probably get this one. If that is what everyone would say is a good idea.

    PS: Is the A/C necessary on the nautilus? To me it looks like the nautilus has the exact same thing built in.
  6. There has never been a bad review of this a/c
    it will keep the rest of the tube cleaner from ash, and cool the smoke down quite a bit more. for a smoother smoking experience.
    off to work. ciao!
  7. Would you like some inline on top of that inline? lol ya that ssfg inline would b sick. anyway, good tube choice. I like it.
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    I will definitely keep that in mind.

    Thank you everyone for the information thus far, this is an amazing community of people and I'm glad I joined it. :smoke:
  9. Just a warning that is not an ash catcher, it is a precooler. Why spend $90 for an attachment for a $50 bong. Either put those prices togethor and buy better quality or buy a real ash catcher.
  10. Heh, people put $7000 engines on $500 cars or $4000 rims on $1000 cars.
    I don't see why not. it's all about the hit in the end though, right ? :smoke:
  11. It is more like putting a garette ball bearing turbo on an engine that goes pop over 250whp. Simple waste of time and money.

    Last he was asking about an ash catcher, not a pre-cooler. Why convince him to buy a $90 item that will not perform the task he wanted.
  12. You want that SSFG inline ashcather from Etsy, its a good quality piece and is an AMAZING DEAL.

    As you have said, you dont know jack about bongs so you shouldnt be judging whats expensive and what isnt. 90 bucks is CHEAP for an ashcatcher of GOOD QUALITY, so that 90 dollar piece is a good deal!
  13. I wouldn't get the SSFG inline for this tube, just because the SSFG is made for a diffuser tube at a 45 degree angle. If he put it in the bong posted, he wouldn't beable to have both inlines flat at once.

    So get a 90 degree a/c if you're set on that bong, or at least see if SSFG is willing to make you a custom with a 90.
  14. I got this bong about a month ago. Love it, but was also thinking of getting an a/c for it, but i wouldn't recommend an inline a/c cause i don't know how well it would fit, might be too bulky for where the fixed downstem is positioned at...you should try to just find a medium sized normal ashcatcher IMO :smoke:
  15. great points, with those said, just get any of these cheap ac/pc's and call it a day

    Weed Star Bubble Precooler CS3 - 18.8 - English - Grasscity.com

    Linear Pre-Cooler with removable diffuser adapter - 18.8 - English - Grasscity.com
  16. ^ Pleaae whatever you do, DON"T buy the linear pre-cooler. It's design is so horrible that it renders it useless. It has so much splash, I fill it with water to just above the last slit on the diffy stem and it sucks. After every hit all the water splashes out of the A/C into your bong. Stay away.
  17. ok, well that just leaves the weedstar.
    I see the problem with the linear now, downstem looks like it's too short.

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