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Just Ordered the Mflb

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanadianToken, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I just ordered a Mflb, It won't be here till tomorrow, but where can I find out how to use it properly/clean it, ect..
  2. This will help you with your technique on how to hit it
    [ame=]Keys To Perfect Vaporization - YouTube[/ame]

    Regarding cleaning, if you don't hold the charge for too long and combust the weed, it will stay relatively clean inside

    Happy vaping :hippie:
  3. Use the brush it comes with to clean the trench after each use. If shit starts to build up on the sides, which it will, use a little bit of iso on a brush and gently clean the screen. After that's done, hold the battery in there for a few to vaporize any left over iso. I hope this helps :)
  4. the vid the guy posted above help my friend keep his clean for well over a year, i recommend it
  5. You'll still get a build up eventually no matter what technique you use. The stem honey is proof of that.
  6. I can't be buying random shit like stem honey and iso haha, I still live with my parents. And yeah theres no rubbing alcohol here. :(

  7. Uhhhh, then go buy some rubbing alcohol?
  8. Stem honey is vape resin kind of like pipe resin but cleaner because you don't combust.
  9. Lmao trust me If I could buy rubbing alcohol I would. Are there any alternatives ?
  10. Some call it stem honey because it is more of clear looking resin kind of like honey that builds up in the stem if you use it. You can clean the stem and smoke the resin if you are desperate for a buzz. Definately not as dirty as pipe resin.

    You can buy ISO many places dude. Pharmacies, grocery stores etc.
  11. Op is obviously underage. Otherwise iso wont be a problem. Its used for cuts to op. Get someone to get it for you. You got a mflb, but cant get iso? Come on man.
  12. I know I can buy ISO in many places but the things is I have very strict Arab parents. Don't really want to get into detail, but, anyways we don't have rubbing alcohol in this house and we've never needed it. I can't just walk in with iso, my parents get super suspicious over nothing. If you've heard some of my stories, you'd understand haha
  13. Man I'm 19...I know what rubbing alcohol is for..I'm a pre-med major. I don't why you guys are arguing about whether I should get ISO or not. I told you guys, I can't. Not trying to be a dick but it's that simple. Just looking for an alternative
  14. Ok. My b. write all over your wall with a sharpie. Then get iso to clean it. Thats how I would explain it.
  15. Don't combust and you won't have to clean. I've had my MFLB for 6 months and I've never cleaned it. Don't need to, it stays clean on its own.

    MFLB is a nice little device, just a bit over hyped in my own personal opinion.
  16. Haha i'll try not too, people make this learning curve sound a tad bit difficult.
  17. You don't need ISO really, I've had my MFLB for a while and cleaning it after each use, I never needed anything more than the brush it came with.

    Oh and, don't save the first couple used trenches that you vape, they're most likely gonna burn and be black/taste nasty.

    Edit for above post: It took me maybe one time to know how to use it, don't worry its actually really fuckin easy if you're not retarded.
  18. buy it man. def worth it, just got it a few weeks ago and i'm ripping that thing right now in bed, stealth stone. work on your technique and its great
  19. It isn't all that difficult. Definitely not as difficult as some folks make it out to be.

    Just watch that video a couple times and use it a couple times and you will get the hang of it.
  20. #20 CanadianToken, Mar 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2012
    Haha alright thanks guys. i can't wait till this shit comes in, I've never vaped before :S
    Btw the abv, I can just smoke that in a bowl right ? Instead of making edibles? I don't really want to have to cook that shit, ect. Made firecrackers once and it tasted like shit (used NL tho not abv)

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