Just Ordered the 2010 Airizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vape. :)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by AlwaysHi, May 11, 2010.

  1. Should be here in like a week. Im pumped.:hello:

    Heres what I get. Paid $215 after shipping.


    Comes with 5 bags.

    Anyone have one?
    What do you think?

  2. I have one and its a awesome vape and especially getting one for 215 nice i paid the 300
  3. Ya the ones that I saw that were 300 came with a free grinder, best priced vape with a balloon that I could find.
  4. Same one I have, it's amazing. You will not regret it, I paid $230 for mine off ebay.

    Couple hints, Grind your herb up and pack it in the elbow bowl, not in the cyclone bowl. Draw from the whip real slow long hits. It takes some practice but if you do it right, it will expand like a narly hash hit everytime and youll exhale a nice thick vapor hit.

    I run mine at 374F, and after awhile of use you'll notice brown resin and gold resin collecting in the elbow and whip. Extract this with iso alcohol and let the alcohol dry out for some vape resin(honey oil)
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    Trust me bro, you will not be disappointed. They retail for $300, so you got a good deal.


    - Always grind your shit up good (already been said, but I cant stress this enough)

    - When filling the cyclone bowl, fill it up 1/2 way to the black stuff

    - Let the unit warm up with the fan on for 5-10 mins before using (didn't used to do this, but this gets the bowl hot which really helps)

    - Set the auto shut off when you first get it, that way if you get super baked and forget it's on it'll shut off on it's own instead of burning your house down (have mine set to 4hrs, has saved my ass many a time)

    If I think of more I'll edit my post. Enjoy man!

  6. Thanks for the tips guys. Ive smoked from a lot of vapes but this is the first one Ive owned, every bit of advice is appreciated. :smoking:

    And thanks to the dudes above, that saved me the time of making a thread when I get it...lol +reps
  7. extreme Q is superior to all other vapes ive had/tried! i love my extreme v3 but the Q is still superior!
  8. So about how much bud do you end up using?
    I mean like per bowl/bag fill. My friend has a purple days and barely uses .25
  9. this is the exact same vape i have, and im with everyone else on here who said you will not be disappointed.

    i might even say its more worth it to spend the $300 on this vape than the $800 on a volcano.

    extreme q is SUCH a good vape. i LOVE it.

    and i break up 0.1g and i get 2 bowls out of that

  10. im so excited. Im a blunt smoker so it will be nice not burning a full gram in 30min. :D
  11. i fill the bowl for bags with .2-.5 and that will last me 3-5, even 7 with reallllly good herbs. all in all it will take about 25-45 mins to finish a bowl in bags. I have posted on this forum a dozen times the best way to use this vape too (how too preheat for best and thickest vapour) ill have to find one and sve it lol
  12. Got to add a zero between that decimal point and the two. The bowl of a PD holds approx. a 40th of a gram (0.025g).

  13. dam thats pretty good, to everyone who already has one, it would be cool to know the best temps to set it at

    holy shit
  14. Yeah, and that "holy shit" really comes into play when you realize that you can get 4 to 5 hits from one bowl.
  15. I have the extreme, not q. but same thing basically.. i love it! get ready to have an enormous amount of weed sitting in your jar from now on.. 4 rips in a bong = 3 cloudy vaped bags that can get 3 people fucked!

    i vape at 195c, let the bowl sit in warming up for 5-10 mins, 1 fan speed.. also run my bag and wip through my bong and bubbler everyday! they fit perfectly in non gog pieces (bag and wip).. (see below)

    Also the remote is kick ass! turn your fan off or on while sitting 20 feet away :)

    Another thing is the popari (spelling) and scent oil bowl is awesome for making your place smelling amazing! i also use it for that fuction everyday

    5/5 110% i love my extreme and so do all my friends haha


  16. nice man, thanks for the "settings" lol

    Since I havnt seen a negative post about this vape, Im getting very anxious to get it but I cant figure where the hell its getting shipped from:confused:.
    Ordered it from amazon, it shipped monday usps priority. I cant wait.:smoking:
  17. what exactly is the difference between the Extreme Q and the Extreme v3?
  18. hello, everyone. i hope it will not seem rude, or like a brag, but for future shoppers, i need to share that i just received this little miracle--$160, @ Amazon. :)
  19. oh, and thanks, for sharing!

  20. with no warrnty :wave:

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