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Just ordered some wax..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by its BustANut, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. So, woke up and decided to order some Purple AK-47 and some OG Kush Wax. Now I don't have a ti-curve or anything special to smoke concentrates. What would be the best way for me to smoke the wax, just throw it on top of the bowl? I know it may seem obvious, but i'm just making sure. thanks :smoke:
  2. if you top bowls with it it tends to melt, and go down into the bowl or it will light on fire and ruin it.

    i suggest doing knife hits of it as its basically the same thing as a skillet hit.
  3. knife ftw!
  4. Well I don't want to say I know the best way to smoke wax as I've never had it, but my favorite way to smoke concentrates is by putting the desired amount at the beginning of a joint/blunt/spliff so that I get to smoke it over a long period of time. I find that putting hash on bowls is wasteful...
  5. Can you vape wax?

  6. I LOVE to paint my joints with hash,

    if you get a little bit of 91% alcohol, and a paint brush and dip the brush in the alchohol and rub against the hash and then start painting the inside of your paper!

    makes a nice hash infused joint lol.
  7. Or an alternative on knife hits. Cut the bottom off a 32 oz Gatorade or something. Fat bottle. Make sure it's even so it can stand with no bottom. Now, cut a rectangle from the bottom a couple inches up, so the bottle can stand with no bottom, and has a rectangular opening along the base.

    Heat a knife with a torch or stove, have the dab ready on a paperclip or something. With the bottle on the counter or something, carefully slide the hot knife into the opening and dab the hit on it. The smoke will rise inside the bottle where you will inhale through the cap.

    Never tried it but it should work. Don't touch the hot knife to the plastic.
  8. well most people when doing knife hits have a jug of some sort to collect the smoke.
  9. you can just order weed now?
  10. [​IMG]

    go buy a concentrate bowl like this.. you won't regret spending 30 or 40 bucks on one when youre wanding some wax out of it. the taste is just as incredible as the high :smoke:

  11. I'm not totally familiar with any kind of knife hits, but use a dome and nail and figured my "design" would work. The only time I've seen someone smoke hash without a pad or dome, they put it on like, a thumbtack and pressed it between two hot knives, inhaling the smoke through a straw. Terribly inefficient to say the least, as smoke was definitely making it past him.

  12. he's in Ca. so, yep.
  13. Yeap, no dispensaries in my city, so it's easier for me to just order.

    But thanks for the replies guys. The iso+paintbrush method works for all types of hashes?

    and i'll be sure to pick up a concentrate bowl by 420. I think i'm just going to do hot knife hits. Any other tips on making the most out of some wax?
  14. i beleive so just gotta let the hash dry and the alcohol evap, takes about 5-10 minutes at max

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