Just ordered some mushrooms online.

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    Im about to get the chewing in a few minutes! Anything you gotta say about these mushrooms? please tell me some experiences you had with it

    amanita muscaria mushrooms:hello:
  2. havent heard the best about them.

    Very feverish.
  3. Wait they're legal?

    do they actually work?
  4. personally i didn't like them,just felt like i was completely barred out,i didn't have an altered consciousness,nor did i see any visuals,but i only ate like 2 or 3 big caps witch should be enough to trip.

    please report back and tell us how it is.
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    oh okay... could i put them in a peanut butter sandwich? would they still work if i eat them in food?
    this will be my first time trying mushrooms thats why im asking all the noob questions

  6. yea there legal.. ive read a couple trip experiences on erowid.. im going to see how mines turns out
  7. amanitas are a much more "darker" expirience than cubes... gotta love cubesnis!
  8. Where'd you order 'em from?

  9. ebay :] 14.99 for a OZ
  10. Ebay caters to everyone
  11. how ya feelin?

  12. im eating the mushroom sandwich now;) i will report back when i feel some effects
  13. If you got the off Ebay, they're very likely going to be the low grade shitty ones that have more bad psychoactives. You will have an interesting time but you're probably going to get sick.

    Buy from an ethnobotanical supplier next time, better mushrooms mean better "trip".

  14. yea you right.. ive read some of the feedback from the seller and he seems pretty legit.. oh well i already ate it:D
  15. You're still going to have some fun, but make sure you got a bucket around, people seem to puke on em.
  16. GOod luck brother and happy tripping!!
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    Feverish, delirious
  18. interesting.

  19. your right about that.. i punked a few minutes ago.. i dont reccomend these mushrooms to anyone, they suck
  20. They aren't anything like psilocybe mushrooms, and people usually think that.

    IMO, you just need to get better amanitas.

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