just ordered SG king stemline :D

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  1. title says it all. been on the fence about getting this tube for months now, i've watched it appear and then sell out right away on ALT over and over again. finally checked and saw it in stock again today and decided that i should just go for it since i never buy anything for myself - super stoked for it to arrive now! milk vids will be in order. shipping was pretty expensive to canada, hopefully it's in soon
  2. I just got mine today! You'll love it!
  3. Congrats man! Can't wait to see the milk vids.
  4. Congrats man, can't wait to see the pics :smoke:
  5. ALT has been getting at least one a week it seems for the past month. I've noticed each one up there before it sells out. Gets me drooling every time! But I'm not so sure how much I'd like such a wide bore and tall tube. Enjoy it bro
  6. Nice...I'm stilling waiting on my SG. :mad:

    Patience...Just need a little patience. :D
  7. Nice, another CANadian shown the way. You will not regret it.

  8. Lol, a part of why I got it is cause I watched your unboxing video & read your thread a couple times and it got me super stoked haha
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    Figured I should report that I ordered one too. I noticed the ones on ALT right now don't have the logo on the foot, SG has sweet logos so I was kinda bummed to not see that one on there but just barely. Still super super SUPER stoked :D

    Ima read your thread now splot

  10. They haven had logos on their foot for almost a year by the way.
  11. welcome to the team

  12. They have really sick logos, but my buddy just got a SG from ALT and he iso'd it to get it sparkling clean and part of the logo on stem came off. I love SG but that's just not cool.

  13. That's only the second sg I've seen with label wear out of all of em. Not cool but very uncommon.
  14. Got mine today! Happy Friday the 13th
  15. I saw that. Truly sad but what can you do? I can only imagine how rare a defect like that from SG is. I'm sure mine will be pratically flawless... well I can hope lol.

    Just I didn't they stopped the foot logos so long ago. Oh well, no problemo

  16. hahah, Team Sovereignty FTW. :smoke:
  17. Tell me how the shipping goes cause i am looking into getting one but worried about shipping.
  18. worried about what with shipping? If alt does one thing right its at least their shipping.
  19. Im worried about custom assholes if I get insurance they should "accidently" fuck with it.
    I live in CANADA ftw.
  20. your fine man they double bow everything they ship for extra protection and i doubt canada customs will take a bong

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