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Just ordered my papers (Ontario, Canada)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Kaliam, May 2, 2011.

  1. Just visited my family doctor today... Talked to him about obtaining some MMJ... Kinda unheard of where I'm from (Ontario, Canada) He said he's never signed off on it before, and he doesn't have any colleagues who have either, but he's willing to sign off on my forms if I bring them in to him...
    Called my government and ordered the applications in the mail. They should be here within a couple weeks.
    Wish me luck everyone. I hope to soon be one of very few, because MMJ would be godsend for me.
  2. Sounds like a chill doctor. I hope everything works out for you man. Happy tokin :smoke:

  3. He understands my sitch, big time. I've had a looooooong medical history with him... From ADD to depression to anxiety to insomnia... Not to mention a harsh physical history, frequent kidney stones and whatnot... I'm just an old man in a 22 year old body, about 15 of which with the same doc. :p
    Thanks for the good wishes. :)
  4. What exactly are you getting it for? Where I live you can get your rec just from having ADHD.

  5. It's MUCH harder to get here... Where are you located? I don't know anyone in Ontario who has one, and you always hear tiny numbers like 4500 in regards to the TOTAL number of Canadian MMJ users... I don't know though.

    Me personally... I'm getting it for Asthma, Anxiety, ADD, Depression, Insomnia, and I also have chronically recurring kidney stones. As a byproduct of these things, I've also been dealing with serious weight fluctuations, constant stomach sicknesses, and I've recently lost my job because of it... It's been a little crazy lately, and I just had MJ introduced to be about 2 months ago, and ever since then it's been like I'm a new person. :)
  6. I'm in California. My father has his recommendation so i have him get me stuff when needed.

    When the time is right im going to get my rec for major depression,anxiety,adhd, and insomnia as well. The most debilitating for me is the depression and anxiety, and ganja seems to help with those aspects better than pharmaceuticals.

    Ive also been having weight fluctuations due to adhd meds. The nauseousness is unbearable for me, last week i could not bring myself to eat for a week, shitty fucking meds I tell you, shitty.

  7. I hear that... I've tried 4 different anti-depressants, and they're just not nice to my system... I need something much more nice and natural
  8. Congrats Kaliam, Canada is hard as hell to get your rec. I do know a living soul in ontario who is licensed to grow for a friend of his. But yeah man its retarded Canada is so lenient on actually people caught with it illegally, but when it comes to giving it to us as medicine they make a big deal. Thats why the court ruled the MMJ laws fucked up. hopefully if legalization or decriminalization isnt met we can atleast have the people suffering giving the proper medicine.

    Mary Jane, the healing of nations...
  9. Thanks. :) I really hope it all goes through ok. Im so optimistic at this point, I'd be really crushed if it for some reason fell through.
  10. Best of luck getting your papers. I'm personally holding off trying until July because I'm hoping that by then it will be legal because the government won't have been able to fix the medical cannabis program to the satisfaction of the Supreme Court.

    In the meantime I'm retaining the services of a friend who just passed his bar exams, who should be able to help me out if I do happen to run into legal troubles because of my medicine.

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