just ordered me some juicy jays

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by darren reefnugs, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. im a sucker for flavored papers, even if i cant really tell the difference. who else here likes these? ive heard alot of people ripping them in favor of raw papers lately.

  2. I just recently stumbled upon them in a smoke shop down the hill.  Haven't seem them in ages man.  I heard a rumor of them being banned and whatnot so that made sense.  Now the packs I've picked up are labeled "NOT FOR TOBACCO, for legal herbs only"  
    haha I love how they have found a loophole to get them back on the market.
  3. Honestly the dye on it isn't healthy so I prefer to use raw or anything else I still love juicy js but they aren't a healthy option
  4. I bought a pack of each flavour at one of the local headshops like 5-6 years ago. I can definitely taste the slight difference. Rolled 2 of each flavour for my buds birthday. Still have the packs since I prefer smoking something that burns slower & doesn't have a shitty sticky. It's a nice step away from the normal every once and awhile though.  
    That happened because years ago, shortly after Obama was elected he banned paper-flavored cigarettes and flavored paper for tobacco.
    that's why the only way you can get real Clove cigarettes is online. the ones you see in smoke shops are NOT cloves, they are a different version made like 'cigarillos' with a filter and  cigar wrap instead of a paper cigarette.
  6. Just had strawberry flavor earlier. Always a nice little change from a spoon or vape

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