Just ordered from marijuana-seeds.nl :D

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  1. Just ordered 'Thai Stick' with stealth shipping :D

    Anyone have a good experience with them?...and should I be worried about anything :confused: really paranoid right now lol
  2. I have'nt ordered from them,but i've heard good things.Just don't throw your package away if you don't find the seeds,i hear they hide them very well.
  3. Dont Stress too much mate, i have ordered twice from them to Australia no probs just be sure you look carefully for your seeds their well hidden.

    I got super strong pack, Cheese and AK-47
  4. HAve a look at a few of the threads on these guys - there are mixed reports buton the main they seem pretty good. I am on my second order with them and they have delivered fast and VERY discreet both times:hello:
  5. I posted an entire thread about my experiences with them. When they say "Stealth" they really mean it. DO NOT get confused when they arrive and think you got ripped off (I did lol..) You need to REALLY look for your seeds when they come..I mean, you'll need to literally rip shit apart. Anyway lol I ordered 40 Seeds + my 5 free seeds. I sent cash, so it took 35 days COMPLETELY to get here. That's a long wait, but the seeds were great. I got the Super Strong value pack, and Buddha seeds.

    This site is for people on a budget!

    Here are the seeds I received.

  6. very good seed bank did biz with them and got my seeds in about 12 days. They know how to hide them very well :D
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    Just received my package from MJ-S.nl. If you send cash like I did (from New England), it takes 7 days to reach them, then 7 days for the package to come back from Europe.

    For the first time ordering seeds I'd say everything went smoothly, I have no complaints.:D

    The Thai Stick seeds are unbelievably tiny btw
    Thai Stick on left, 5 free Afghan on right.

    P.S. Anyone have luck germinating seeds from them? What's the success rate?

    damn thats cool
  9. I ordered 150.00 USD of 4 strains from them and I am very unhappy.

    I ordered 40 seeds and 20 of them looked more like tiny little poppy seeds than mj seeds.

    About 1/2 of the seeds were way under-developed so I emailed support and they asked me to photograph the seeds which I did and now support told me if I buy more seeds from them in the future they will make it up to me by giving me 10 free seeds.

    I shouldn't have to order more seeds just to get the premium seeds that I should have already received. Now they are completly avoiding me.

    BTW: Only about 40% of the seeds that I received from them ever germinated.
    It appears from other posts around the Internet that customers in AMERICA are getting the shaft.

    Buyer beware.
  10. they refused my order cause there are many fraud attempts from my country .... so they suck lol

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