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  1. I just ordered from the attitude seed bank. I got 5femmed Greenhouse Trainwrecks, 5 femmed Seedsman White Widow. They also came with a white widow fem for free and a 10 pack of regular Super skunk. Ill keep you guys posted!!!
  2. howd u do it? use real name or fake? debit? im gonna do it later tonight, ive heard good things about them.
  3. real name and debit card. No need to sketch, it will either make it through customs or not. If they find it worst case is they would send you a letter telling you its been confiscated.
  4. I used my real name except for my last name. And it wasnt even different i just repeated a letter which happens all the time anyway when people try to spell it. I used a debit card. Well see what happens. Ive heard good things too. I got the international guaranteed shipping so I hope it goes through. Just didnt want to have them sent to my home so while im at school i had them sent here.
  5. Just got an email that stated my order is already being processed and that it should ship within 3 days. They also provided the tracking number once it is shipped. Very professional email which included their contact information besides email. So far very pleased.
  6. Just checked the update on my package through their tracking options. It seems that the shipping company has recieved my order and is in the process of going to the USA!!! Great service so far. No problems!
  7. Just an update.

    For the last three days or so I have checked the status of the package on the USPS track and confirm site. I get the following message.

    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

    Hopefully this means that everything is ok and customs hasnt caught on. Ill keep you posted on whats going on. It is currently Day 8 since I purchased the seeds and they were shipped.
  8. mine said that forever to. be patient, they will arrive in the next few days.
  9. you have 1000's of strains available and you pick trainwreck and white widow?

    I mean those are both wonderful strains, ones a powerful sativa and the other a knockout indica, but they are just sooooo common!!!

    Either way enjoy them brotha, I look forward to seeing some shots of your garden!!!
  10. Well itll be my first grow, so I wanted some strains with some history and ease of growth. I was thinking of making another order some time this summer. What strains would you reccomend? Im looking for a smaller grow and im a satvia lover. I was thinking of ordering some of the auto ak47 fems from grassomatic, but im open to suggestions!
  11. Success! Everything came yesterday! All of the seeds were not touched in their breeder packs and was about 8 days total from when I ordered them! Fantastic results, I will do buisness with them again for sure.

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