Just Ordered Bong, want to hear succsess stories...

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by StayHighh, May 12, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone, i just regestered to grasscity and purchased a bong for $88! Thats alot fo money for a stoner lol, anyways, i was just wondering if anyone from california or the USA has ordered a bong before and recieved it, please let me know if you have recieved your bong and how long it took, i am kinda nervous about spending $88, so any stories of success would really help me, so anyone that wants to respond feel free, thanx
  2. I haven't ordered a bong, but I did order a spoon and a bat.
    I recieved both in about two weeks. I ordered them a week
    apart, and they arrived a week apart. It's coming from
    Holland, so it might take a while, but I have no complaints.
  3. hey, glad to hear of your guys stories, where are you guys from? also if anyone that runs this site or is high in the company can let me know how things are shipped and what it says on the box, keep the stories coming i love them..
  4. Like I said in the PM you sent me, I think I ordered the same piece you did. I am VERY happy with it. On the Customs sticker that Luke mentioned, mine says " Glassworks in box " on it. It's a small sticker, about 1x2 inches. Like I said, it's a sweet set-up. I think you'll be very happy when it shows up.
  5. talk to superjoint, he runs this site!
  6. hey im really new to this site, who is superjoint? and how do you get ahold of him? thats awesome that you can acutally talk to the person who runs this site, let me know whats up asap, thanx
  7. if you want to talk to SJ, just go to the mainpage of the forum, and scrolldown to the general feedback forum......on the right hand side you will see a panel that say's moderated by.....click on Superjoint, and then send SJ a pm.........Peace out........Sid

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