Just ordered a quarter

Discussion in 'General' started by crucialdanks303, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. From my dad, some dank too! 200 bucks and he threw In A scale and a paintball nitrogen tank :)
  2. A QP or just a quarter? cause 200 for a quarter is pretty steep
  3. so you paid for a quarter and a paintball tank and a scale from ol pop?
  4. dads a little steep
  5. I think u were Adopted... Lol JK! Def. High $.
  6. nah i got a scale, paintball tank, and a quarter of medical bud. Ive give pics when i get it, 200 bucks is pretty straight and hes delivering
  7. You just got ripped...even though a nice paintball tank can cost a hefty price...and a scale can cost 30-80 depending how nice...but still 200 a quarter from DAD?!?! wtf:rolleyes:
  8. NO2?

    certainly hope so!
  9. dude you got ripped off by your dad lol

    edit - nvm i hold my judgment for now...i want to see these pics
  10. I dont see how i got ripped...? il post pics of the tank and scale.


    And hes delivering it to me tomorrow.
    He also gave me a fur cover for the tank and a glass cover for the scale.
    AND hes been going though some troubles with finding a place to live so im glad to help it out.

    and he gave me a dell laptop that just needs driver updates.
  11. i think my friend has that scale and hes had it for a while now. pretty nice
  12. Ya man its got tare, PCS, grams, ounces and DWTs and its got a backlight.
    The tank is full and has been hydroed last month, and the laptop im gonna send it and grab 100 bucks :)
  13. $200 a 1/4 of any bud, anywhere is a rip. That is like $800 a OZ.
  14. yall are just not gettin it....he paid for all that shit = $200. not 1/4oz = $200
  15. Dude, your scale has a tare button?

    I take it all back, it was definitely a good deal.

  16. Im sensing some sarcasm?

    Ya thank you agent you guys need to realize im paying 200$ for everything!
    A dell laptop that needs drivers,
    A scale
    A 3000psi nitrogen paintball tank
    and a quarter of medical bud from an actual dispensary.

    So if you think i got ripped then you defination of ripped off must mean FUCKING SMOKING GOOD DEAL.

    And its my dad, How many of your dads are your hookup?
    And is completely chill with you smoking.
  17. Where did the laptop come from?

  18. its an older one he bought and now he doesnt want to fix it, so im just gonna sell it to laptopsintocash for 100 bucks.
  19. Hell your getting a good deal, even if you were paying 200$ for the laptop alone, it'd be a sweet deal, even the shittiest laptops cost 400 bucks minimum from a store.

    Add that to the scale, tank, AND quarter of good bud, i'd grab that deal in a heartbeat.
  20. Probably should have mentioned the laptop initially.

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