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    Well I finally ordered my box today. I guess you could say I took a bit of a chance and ordered from homegrown hydroponics. I ordered the 4-6 plant PC tower with the security system and co2 set-up. Before you start bashing and telling me I could have built somthing cheaper I dont really care. I'm busy with full time college classes and just got a new job I'm working 30 hours a week. I just simply dont have the time to build somthing like that plus I didnt pay nearly as much the adds. Anyways I know they dont have a good reputation around here which makes me nervous but to me it was the biggest, best ventilated, pc box out there. I plan to add a few smaller cfls to it and to tweak a few things like mylar and a temperature/humidity lcd, and I'll be using a 2.5lb co2 tank. I also will be using soil foxfarm/light warrior mix and I have still yet to pick out nutes. So here I am, hoping and praying that I at least get the box and that it's of decent enough quality that I can at least tweak and fix. I really hope I can come back with some positive feedback and not some SOB story like "I should have listened to you guys...waaa waaaa". Whew this is going to be a stressful next few weeks.
  2. Fox Farm Light Warrior is OK for seedlings and/or cuttings, but it contains a negligible N-P-K value. You'd be spending more $$ on nutes without a proper Potting soil. Just make sure to get some fertile potting soil for re-potting.
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    Sounds good, Its what I have left over for now, but I'm sure I'll take your advice and switch to just ocean forest and coca grow or perlite once I repot.
  4. SVTSVT, I appreciate your attitude -- you determined that this grow box would work best for you regardless of what most others would have to say about it, fair enough. "Over" paying is in the eye of the beholder (or the spender), and if this represents a good value to you then go for it.

    I didn't see any questions, did I miss the point of your post?

    G'luck, keep us updated.
  5. The point of this post is more or less to share my buying experience from Homegrown hydroponics. I've done alot of searching here and I know they have a bad reputation, although I have heard ok things from other websites. A lot of people have said they are a scam and all that so I just want to let people know how my experience goes. Needless to say if I get scammed or ripped off I will be making a trip down to fl to meet the owner in person. Like I said until I see the box show up at my doorstep in good shape I'll be nervous and skeptical.

    On a more positive note, here is a guy who ordered the box and has had great success even though he hasnt updated in a while and is growing hydro.

  6. man i wish you hadn't bought from homegrown. they have been reported to the BBB and ripoff report. the guy that runs the company is a straight up scam artist, ive met him a few times before.

    i hope for you that you get what you ordered, but I have my doubts.

    best wishes and please let us know
  7. and just so you know I support your decision to buy a grow box. next time you buy one get from bcnorthernlights.com

  8. Yea, I know your not a fan of these guys through doing my searches. I also think how dumb the owner was for posting under the name Darth Vador 420 just bs'ing about his products. I paid with my cc, so If I dont get anything I will be filing a claim and getting my money back. Like I said man Im very nervous and am keeping my fingers crossed nothing weird happens. There headquartes isnt to far so If I have to raise hell I will. For some reason when I look at there record on bbb it says they got a B+, whats the deal with that.

  9. As nice as those are I just didnt have nearly enough money to afford one of those bad boys. My goal (if my box shows up) is to grow 4 autoflowering hindu kush plants. My goal is 2 zones which seems high but I think with the right nutes, a little more light and the co2 it might be achievable once I get everything dialed in by the 2-3 grow. I'm not a big smoker so I dont need much, Im just getting sick of the bad quality and prices plus all the shady people out there.
  10. couldn't aggree with you more. and yes they are expensive from northern lights.

    again good luck with everything and i will be waitin to see your grow.
  11. your other grow looked awesome, are yyou not growing that way anymore and going with the PC box only?
  12. I made that journal for my good friend. I am lucky to have two friends who grow, which is why I only need a small set-up just for my personal use. I wish I had a full clost to dedicate and I also wish I had the nerves to run a big set up like his. If I can master that grow box to produce me 1.5-2 oz's every 8-9 weeks I would rarely have to buy weed. Anyways we just cut the plants down and I spent all sunday at his house trimming buds. Took us forever and my hands were sore as hell afterwards.

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