Just ordered a god damn vape

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    Hello all. I realized that I wanted to be healthy and found out that I wasnt going to get any quality bong under 75 so I just said fuck it typed in amazon, typed in magic flight, clicked on the thing, clicked on my credit card and BAM its going to be here in two days. The power of the internet, ill be.

  2. Guys Guys Guys, I realized the 2012 model was out, even though its cheaper, should I cancel the order for my 2011 one for the 2012? Please help quick.
  3. I highly doubt you'll see much of a difference between the 2011 and 2012 models. They will both do an amazing job at vaporizing your herb, and with either model, you'll be satisfied. I've used the MFLB before as my first vaporizer, and from my knowledge, they're quite reliable and resourceful. You should be excited, you'll be saving a lot of money. Even after vaporizing, I use the vape'd herb for the bong. It's just like a double bonus. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you've never used a vaporizer before.

  4. Ok man, youve made me feel a lot better:smoke:. I have indeed never vaporized and am anxious to try it out.
  5. Cancel it anyways. I have the 2011 model and I personally don't like mine. I haven't seen the new one but it's new for a reason *improvement*
  6. Now the 2012 is coming to my door...I can sleep now.
  7. I believe the 2012 edition has a new charger and a slightly different stem. The 2011 charger sucks ass and stops working really quickly, but that's fine, you can buy a charger with the same features for like 10 bucks.
  8. If you ever do have problems (which you won't), the magic flight's warranty is world class.
  9. Lol the title made me laugh, I could already tell how pumped you are.

    "Ordered a god damn vape!!"

    Hope ya like it man, vaping is a good way to conserve, especially with the mflb.
  10. I have a volcano and mflb. My volcano is named Casper and he is the friendliest Vape lol I named my mflb Hardine after Houdinis brother and to be honest, I like Hardine better than $600 Casper. Mflbs are the shit. Portable, barely smells and conserves like a motha fucka lol I definitely recommend it over a volcano. Volcanos are wonderful dont get me wrong, but mflb gets me just as stoned with such less clean up and it's the easiest to hide from ur parents

  11. The 2012 has a thing that clicks in so you don't have to rubber band it down. IMO that's worth any extra money.
  12. [quote name='"mambugaw"']

    The 2012 has a thing that clicks in so you don't have to rubber band it down. IMO that's worth any extra money.[/quote]

    The 2011 has that too.

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