Just one of my close calls

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mr. Dinkles, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Back when I was new to smoking (about 15 years old, I\'m now 17) I had a very close call with parents. By this time my parents had absolutely not a clue about my smoking habit, and they definitely wouldn\'t have suspected how much I was smoking at the time. It was late October and it was a friday night. Instead of going to the football game like the most of the kids my age, I invited 4 friends over to smoke some dope and have a good time. My parents had told me they were going to see a movie, and I knew that I\'d have the house to myself for a while because my brother was away at school at the time. So it was about 8:00 PM when my 4 friends, Adam, Ross, Tatia and Claire came over, and right as they arrived we got right to business. Ross was the most experienced smoker out of the 5 of us, so he packed the bowls for us. Since their was 5 of us, we decided to have two pipes going at once so I grabbed my chillum, and we also used Ross\'s mini bubbler that the group was really intruiged by. Finally after about 3 minutes the bowls were packed and we sparked them up. My friend Adam took the first hit because he was the least experienced and for the first time, he took in an amazing cloud of smoke right from the bubbler and began to cough out his lungs. This was his first time inhaling correctly so everyone was really happy to see his face turn bright red and watch him cough uncontrollably. After the coughing attack was done, Adam asked me to get him a glass of water. Now we were smoking on my back porch which has a door that leads right from the porch to the kitchen. Unforunately, but later fortunately, the porch door that leads to the kitchen was locked so I had to go around front to open the garage for Adam. As I walk around front, and the group stays in the back puffing, my parents pull up in the driveway. The second I see them pulling in I run around back and yell to my friends \"Go! Go !get the fuck outta here now!\" luckily my yard lead to other yards which eventually led to a street far away from my yard. I of course had to come back though because my parents spotted me when they pulled up. I came back to house, and my mom is standing in the exact spot my friends were smoking. She says \"Eric what were u guys doing back here?\" I say \"Nothing we were just standing out here trying to figure out our plans for the night, thats all\", and she questioned me and questioned me, but I smoothly persuaded her to believe me. If she had known at the time I was a smoker, she obviosly would never have believed me. I just got luckily from innocence, or assumed innocence I guess. So I go and catch up with my friends and they barely believe that I got away with it, but when I told them the story they believed me. When I asked my parents why they came home they told me that my Dad forgot his wallet. I didn\'t believe it for a second because my mom knew I was having friends over, and thats the age where the parents start to get a little suspicious. Whatever, just a close call I guess. All I can say is Thank You amatuer smoker Adam for asking me to get you water, and thank you porch door for being locked because if it wasnt locked I woulda went into the house through the back and my parents would have came home and spotted what we were doing. pEACE.
    The world would truly be a better place if everybody took a break and got wasted.
  2. i would take the part about ur age out man
  3. Well glad to see you didnt make a lot of posts before you got banned.

    You have to be 18 to join grasscity.
  4. I feel sorry for him.. it was a cutely written story...
    dude take that part about you being 17, before it\'s too late.
  5. Everything happens for a reason.

    I hope you\'ve enyoyed your stay here.
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