Just off Probation and back to bud

Discussion in 'General' started by BlueBowlin, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. Just a little over a week ago I finally got off of my years probation. Had been over a couple of months since I had had any kind of a smoke. But just weekend I'm clear to smoke and do as much as I want. This morning first time I've smoked by myself since back when. One nice joint of some nice orange haired bud had me completely over the top. It had been years since I could do that :smoke:

    So for a good portion of my probation I just felt like keeping pot to the back of my head so I drifted off a bit from the City. So now Im just returning back to all the good stuff, much more relaxed then I've been in a long while.

    Now how are all my favorite City folk this season.
  2. well i'm a bit newer here soo...i guess i'll be see'n ya around the forums? thats great ;)

    yeah i'm on probation also it sucks.....the 31st is when my first pee test is gonna be given out.....i guesss i'm lucky...i only got 6 months of probation...and thats it...

    yup when ever my ends....its gonna be like the first time getting high again..lol...(my dvd skipping high)

    i'm glad your off probation!

    toke up man! :smoke:
  3. how long are you guys on probation for?

    3 years for me but im still smoking.
  4. i just got off probation Dec 8th i was only on for 6 months but i was on house arrest b4 that for a month and then i had to go to rehab for 2 months Aug 19-Oct 22.

    Im so happy to be off and my best friend gets off in like a week :) We already got plans for what were gonna get but i wont say cuz people tend to get mad when i talk about it...

  5. Just be happy you know when your piss test is. They never told me when mine was. And they would always do it right after i fuckin smoked weed.
  6. I am on 3 years of informal probation which means I can blaze all I want lol. No probation officer so no drug tests. :D :smoking:
  7. I guess i'm lucky after reading how long all you are on probation. I am on probation for 12 weeks or until I pass my 12 week class by passing every urine test which is givin to me every other week. I am on week 6 and have 6 weeks to go so I will be out on Feb. 1. Feb 2 is my birthday so I am going to buy an ounce and have a nice 4-5g blunt waiting for me that night and in the morning.
  8. JaneInMyBrain, I see you live right near me and the probation in this area is a lot tougher than it is in other places. All my tests were random too, honestly if you have random tests on a rough city for probation it is good to just take a break until you are done with that crap.

    Hate to here that other people have to put up with it, but you feel oh so good when its over!

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