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Just not the same

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stereomike, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I'm not trying to be a dick and say I'm all that now or anything, but do you guys just not ever feel as high as you used to. I started smoking like 3 years ago, but never to the extent that I did so this summer. I smoked probably every couple of days or so, sometimes more, sometimes less. I took a two week t-break to see if it would change anything.
    My friend picked up some legit g13 and Crystal Chunk from a dispensary in Boulder and we blazed up to see Wiz Khalifa. I mean don't get me wrong it was awesome, but I thought that with really good medical and a long t break like that I would be out of my mind. Ill always feel really high for maybe 5 minutes or so but then ill just get the "oh I remember now, im just high" and then it basically kills it and I just feel blazed like normal. I just wish I could experience those holy shit im so high right now that things seem a lot weirder than normal. But now I just recognize the feeling of being high and so I never really geek out like I used to. I know thats a noob thing to do, but sometimes me and my friends reminisce and wish we could have a funny geek out once in a while. Any ideas?
  2. your not smoking enuff make your sessions longer
  3. I think that is a possibility. My friends usually feel like cutting our sessions after a shared blunt or just a few bowls. Then they just wait it out and get high again. I've never really tried continually smoking because I heard that you basically have a cap on it, but maybe ive never hit that cap haha.
  4. i feel like as you gain experience the whole geeking out thing doesn't seem as completely new and foreign as it is when you're new to smoking.
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    Take a 3 week long T-Break,
    Then make a G-bong similar to this, except with a 5 gallon water jug
    feel free to add one hose or two (if you do make it, when you pull make sure to plug the hose so theres only air coming through the bowl.
    RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP it. Get a giant bowl, one that you can load like 2 grams in, and just pull that whole thing in a bathtub or trashcan.

    If you're feeling crazy, do it twice.

    It murdered me, I took a huge t-break on the weeds season premiere I was almost TOO HIGH (i kept my cool due to my pro-ness)

    if that doesn't do the trick,
    then eat some edibles
    g-bong rip,
    and smoke hash IF POSSIBLE.
    that shit will do you in.

    and you should be good to go. it's excessive, but I guarantee you'll be higher than the highest you've ever been with this second method.

    Hope it helps.
  6. ^^ thats not a gravity bong.

  7. whoops.
  8. take a longer t-break. Or just blaze fater and longer
  9. ive smoke so much in 1 session that i was tripping like lsd. i just smoked 1/2 of a spliff of haze and im fucking retarded right now!
  10. is it me or can u not read what the fuck this guys saying. my damn eyes ahh
  11. i was on some medication that brings back acid trips (risperdall look it up) and i smoked some sour D and i was fucking tripping balls when i was driving it was crazy. maybe something similar happened to u
  12. I feel like that sometimes, just take a really helps. Even a few days is good.
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    man yeah, but yesterday i rolled a fat jay with these 2 girls i was smokin with and that shit had me so high my legs were goin, then on the way to ones crib i forgot i was high... whens the last time you "FORGOT YOU WERE HIGH" lol i was walking then it just hit me and i was

    And at the guy with the jug bong idea, i have a 2.5 gallon one with a handle and a stem that i just carry around like a normal bong when im feeling crazy, its impossible to clear though.

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