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  1. i was just wondering if someone could take a look at these pics and tell me what you think or should i be doing something else ? thanks in advance

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  2. then how do you know my plant is sick?
  3. i know it is a female plant cause i can see the white hairs staring to poke out in areas so i am hoping if it is sick that i can fix this because my first grow was a male and this being my second grow and it being female makes me a lot happier
  4. The top looks a little unhealthy, Im no expert but has she got enough light?
  5. There is 4 cfl 100w lights surrounding the plant is it just the top so I can reposition my lights better around her
  6. As I say, I am no expert as ive never had that problem. Have you had them in the sick plants section for a checkup? I can't see any nute burn on your ladies, they look almost perfect to me apart from the top on that one shot from above.

    Only time ive had a problem with the top of a healthy plant was when I had to many vegging under my cfl's at once is why I said it. It may be nothing much, hope they are fine
  7. Alright thanks ill reposition one of the lights so it hits the top more and let's see what happens hope it works
  8. If you click the bottom link under my signature you can see what I mean. My Lsd mother plant was going a little limp on top even though she looks nice and healthy but now she is in my flowering tent she is fine.

    Good luck
  9. and one of my success grows ive had, I had the same problem. I started to water it more properly i would wait till the leafs got droppy then water and watch her leafs perk up all nice and healthy and after awhile the yellow went away. Maybe your not giving her enough nutes?? Your plant looks hella nice and healthy besides the top. Maybe over watering just a tad bit? Doesnt over watering start yellowing at the top of the plant? Im not expert though man Im still a novice. but her leafs should be nice and perking.. not dropy like that. its not that bad but still just a little over watering can hurt.
  10. thank you all for all your help i will move some lights around and see if that changes anything and i will see if holding on a little longer before i water again will help
  11. not an expert, but is there any fan blowing on top where the lights are...if it dry hot air, it will do that.....looks heat stressed...
  12. there is a regular household fan in the area i turned up the speed a little this morning so i hope that helps

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