Just need a tokers opinion

Discussion in 'General' started by vikingdeath, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I'm starting a YouTube channel on various topics regarding the lifestyle's of marijuana smokers. My channel will include things such as smoking etiquette, rolling, music, how to's, etc. I just want to know of some creative/unique names for the upcoming channel. I have a few ideas so far, so let me know if you like what I have or any different ones I may like; as well as topics for my videos and skits. Name's I have as of now are: "The Green Dream", "Colonel Kush", "420 Fairy Tail", "The Chronic Cookie", "The REALLY high road", and "The High Side".

    Thanks and keep it cloudy

    P.s.- This post won't be here long so please help quickly :)
  2. Green dream for sure
  3. I like "The REALLY High road" and The High Side". I'll try and think of some more but in the clouds at the moment, hard to concentrate on anything at the moment haha.

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