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  1. Recently I've started to switch my ladies over and had a little problem with the lights being a tad bit too close and toasted a 2 footer before she got switched over. She also had a light leak that postponed her flowering and all that has been fixed but I came home yesterday and noticed her drooping super hard. I didn't know what her deal was so I made sure the nutrient solution wasn't too high and that the ph was of a proper balance. She looked to perk up. Today I came home and again she was looking super sad. I sprayed her down out of frustration and noticed she was just thirsty, which brings me to a beginner question.
    Do the ladies need more frequent watering ( Hydroponics ) during flowering? She's probably about 2 weeks in and I don't know if she's needing a longer water period or just making it more frequent. I set the timer to give her a half hour every 2 hours but idk if that too much or too little at this point.
  2. What are you growing in?..What are you feeding them and at what strength IOW EC(PPM) levels, Ph..You rocking Ebb&Flow, ebb&gro, RW, hydroton, DWC ?? what's your environment like etc. etc..The devils in the details my friend..Any pics?..
  3. Hydroponics = 100% water all the time....the roots are submerged in a water/nutrient solution 24/7. I don't understand you questions about "watering"?
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    Well TPR, if you grow in an inert medium other than soil, that's also hydroponics..Doesn't necessarily have to be "submerged" in water/sol 24/7..Think, coco for instance..Or flood tables with hydroton/RW etc, say, ~15min floods every 3-4hrs..More than one way to skin cat, yeah!..
    So will wait on OP for feedback..
  5. It sounds like a flood and drain set up.
  6. Great point! TBH I have just simply been smoking too much today. +rep
  7. It sounds like she is needing watered more regularly.
    How often were you watering before?
  8. Well I found out what was wrong. I guess there was a power spike, it's it's been raining everyday for about 3 weeks now and thundering so the timer completely popped off. I have one of those mechanical one and every little button popped up. So the girl went on for 2 days with no nothing and got fried. I posted up what I watered her before hand so problem is I'm hoping solved. Not to beat on this dead horse but, will she drink more when she's deep into flowering or is it her size more than the cycle that'll affect her need for more wawa?
  9. When they are into mid late flower they suck up water like crazy. I have to top off with 5 gallons every 2 days. They seem to suck up a lot more water then nutes, but that could just be my strain

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