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  1. I am going to begin giving nutrients now, my plants are about 2 and a half weeks old.

    What kind of nutrients have you guys had the best luck with, is it affordable, and what is the website to buy it from?

  2. Fox Farms has a great nutrient line (Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, etc) Its a little pricey but they have great results. IImo 2 weeks is to young to add nutes, but idk what your soil is, so if you do add any nutes, do like 1/4 the dose you would.

    Another nutrient ive had experience with is General Hydroponics flora series. (Micro, Gro, Bloom) There is a real easy formula for mj plants called the "lucas formula" and its basically 2 different doses. One for veg and one for flower.

    So google those if you are interested.
  3. What the above said.

    Most notes for MJ or store bought ones are all very similar. Fox Farms just been around for a while and in there Nute Trio that they sell a handy dandy idiot proof nute chart to follow. It will take you through each week of your grow.

    Others do the same btw like General Hydroponics and such.
  4. hey thanks alot guys. im using miracle grow organic for my soil. im noticing three numbers on all the nutrients. what are those and which should i buy?
  5. Ditch the MG soil get something like Fox Farms Ocean Soil. Your local hydro store will carry it htgsupply.com or amazon.com will.

    MG Soil has prenuted orbs that time release from water. Can ruin a plant.
  6. yea im having real problems with what look like burns. its not the lights and im using no chemicals unless its what i use to adjust the pH in the water
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    Is there not a thread just for recommended nutrients? There should be haha. There's a lot of threads that are just "what nutes should I use?" Hit up Fox Farms btw, thats what everyone seems to be using these days. I use Jack's classic 20-20-20 at 1/2 strength but thats just me. Payed like $10 for an 8 oz tub on amazon. Good luck with your grow homie! :smoke:

  8. You will continue to have those issues until you change the soil out. MG soil is the gift that keeps giving. It'll probably go away then maybe next watering or one after that have the same issue all over again.

    The goal is to control your grow..with MG Soil you lose one aspect of that control. If you use other soil you can control the nutes when you apply it
  9. So, I've seen a lot of mixed emotions on MG organic soil...some say don't use it at all, some say they've used it with good results. Even though the organic soil is preferted, is there anyway to flush out those nutes?? Like, can I run several gallons of water through the soil before I plant a seedling in there?

    Also, I think I understand the Lucas Formula for the most part, but on the Lucas Formula website it mentions that the simplest way is to just use the FloraNova Bloom. Is this right? Can I just use the FloraNova Bloom throughout the entire grow and get decent results?

  10. Reason why you hear both is imagine the soil, then imagine thousands of those golden nute orbs throughout the soil. Most likely if you don't have a problem you don't have a thousand of them around the roots. When you do and they release bad stuff.

    Theres really no reason to buy it when other soil is available. 20-30 bucks online get a huge bag of soil straight to your door.

    Really no way to get rid of them as there time released and designed to last months.

    I'd stay away from it but some do grow with it. If you have problems though like I said earlier it will be the gift that never stops giving. You'll get issues then perhaps they will go away for a little while then bam right back to the issues that MG soil causes.

    Why chance that when the solution to eliminating that issue is less then 30 bucks and enough soil for many grows.
  11. Ok, that makes sense. Question though, I have looked into Fox Farm's soil and know they are highly recommended but I am torn on which soil to actually get. I am considering the Happy Frog mix or the Ocean Forest. Which would you recommend, or does it not really matter?

  12. Never used Happy Frog I use Ocean Soil, but doesn't mean its bad just never used them.
  13. great info guys. super helpful
  14. I bought the soil and a new pot today. Im trying to research now and see how to transplant it.

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