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Just need a little support chat...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Superbeastdj, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. I feel like somethings wrong with my life at the moment...

    My best friend of five years basically ended our friendship out of the blue, think he was upset with a blog I wrote, was just letting off some stress which has to deal with the main thing anyway...

    I've been sick as hell for the last month, I've had the same thing come back three times now, I THINK its just that im so stressed out. my natural defence of making myself sick has taken over..

    and lately I haven't even enjoyed smoking weed really. It just gets me disorented and sleepy.. that might just be the immune system thing though........

    for the last 3 days I've woken up in a bed wet with sweat..

    I just feel like somethings wrong, I'm losing friends left and right, my uncle is bitching at me about life and how I'm supposed to have a job, blah blah long story, I have about 40 days until I start college and he is making me get a job and volluenteer while im not working..

    I'm 18 and have lots of cash though..

    So I'm thinking I might just find a firend to move in with for a month... say fuck it and relax till college.. beucase I just cant take all of this bullshit every day.....

    Sorry to be such a whiny kid but I'm just sick and tired of all these stresses I have to deal with every freaking day..
  2. I see you live in the same State as I do. I'm living amongst old retired folks. I'm a middle-aged retiree & THAT can be a pisser. All my neighbors are 75+ & I'm 53. We're living in a $250,000 home on the golf course, bought & paid for!!
    Wife & I both collect SSD & got a 6-figure settlement from Workmen's Comp [I injured myself at work].
    I know a few growers who send me free weed...all different types...each package is a surprise. I go to bed & wake up whenever I feel like it. My wife & son are the coolest people to hang-out with & we have fun on a daily basis.

    OK you feel any better?:smoke::hippie:
  3. I know what you are going through to some extent beacuse I am in the same boat. waitin for collage to start, family members on your fucking case to get a job even though you have your own money without one. Ive been sick too soo I know how bad that sucks I have only been eating once a day if im lucky for the past 3 months so Ive lost 40 lbs in 2 months and still droping ,but the one this I always rememberd is that its my fucking life and as long as I remain a good person by my standards the bitching that I get from family and other people I dont even bother with beacuse there not living my life so there criticism of my life is not even worth listening to.

    I'm sorry if what I said is completly retarded I cant tell I have been smoking at least 1.5 G's of hash a day for the past week so some really retarded shit has been coming out of my head lately
  4. Haha I feel you.

    I just had two bowls.
  5. thats right keep on tokin :smoke:
  6. life is too short and pointless to worry about it that much, just live one day at a time and keep chiefin.
  7. ive been tellin ya man, just shake him off and enjoy yourself. especially from what you've come from and with how hard you're gonna be working. hes prolly bitch if you rented with someone because you'd be spending money on a place you're only gonna have for a little. maybe stay at someones house? multiple houses?
  8. That really sucks man. I know how all that shit goes. My life in my old town started going to shit since I was moving soon, all my friends stopped caring and just dropped me like a bad habit. Except for a few friends who are like family. But I moved up and im waiting for college...I feel useless because ive always had a job(since I was 15, now 19) and its weird not having one. It sucks because I just look like a bum to my roommates(in an apartment) because all I do is chill all day because im not getting any phone calls back from jobs.

    You'll get through it. Good friends will get you through anything, great friends will slap you and say smoke a bowl...then they will help you through it lol. Just dont stress to much, find a nice relaxing place to go when it all feels to much, or beat a bed with a baseball bat, my friend does it all the time. Whatever works, you just have to find your way of letting it all out without hurting yourself or anyone.
  9. at least you guys can ACTUALLY BLAZE!
    shit i have been dry for a week... I mean it isn't that hard, I just smoke to relax occasionally and sometimes my lil bro has been pissin me off lately and i would love to smoke...

    plus i'm at the beach and the view is amazing.

    keep pushin on bro, things will work out
  10. I have alot of those problems too, two fold. Bill collectors calling everyday, never feel happy or content and never any money for the weed because of being broke and unemployed and living at home with all the bullshit, makes a guy sweat at night you know.
  11. It will all work out in the end just think positive and maybe see if he wants to spark a jay :)
  12. I know just what you mean...I'm a very good-hearted guy, and it really makes me wonder sometimes why I deserve to go to sleep at night- strike that, why I deserve to lay in bed at night NOT falling asleep from the anxiety and stress of money, work, and the future. It really does make you sweat at night, and having a myriad of psychological disorders to distort and amplify it all makes it that much worse...

    I mean, I know I shouldn't have to feel like this all the time...I spend all my time working, and still never have a cent...

    It just kinda sucks, you know?

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