just named my newest bong

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4U6mAGYLpo]First rip of new bong - YouTube[/ame]

    just named this piece Hanzo after Scorpion from MK. the video is the first rip i took from it a couple weeks ago, but the name just came to me this morning.
  2. Looks cool shoulda gone gong tho.

  3. since this video, i did make the switch, so that i could use an old ash catcher. now i am looking for a unique ash catcher that matches the twisted neck.
  4. Did you take it to an artist to get reblown?

  5. umm nope
  6. Nice piece! Illmaculate eh? The Green Tapes dooooooope.. Illmac is a beast!
  7. My older sister has that exact and i mean exact same bong , bit without the stand on thw bottom And the scorpion, but same bong man, and nice rip btw

  8. yeah he is...green tape is my favorite album to blaze to at the moment

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