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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bakerman111, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. I started with 24 seeds. I knew not all of them would grow, i was hoping for at least ten. Only 8 sprouted. After repotting i was down to seven. Later 2 died because i friggen spillted their pot and couldnt repot them again.... so i was down to five. I brought them out side for a day to get some sun but as i was climbing out my window i dropped one and it could not be recovered... I let the 4 left hang in the sun all day. Apon bringing them back inside I dropped the screen to the window and it him two of them knocking their pots over and crushing them..... Down to two..... and then one....but i have a question... is it worth growing just this one plant? or will i need alot more pot than this? I only smoke about twice a month. Once it grows (hope to god its a female) should I clone? or would it be simpler to just get more seeds.... and do this whole damn thing over?
  2. Sounds like your having some pretty bad luck. You can get 1-2 oz's off one plant, but the chance that its female is 50% so I'd suggest getting some more seeds.
  3. Alright, thanks man.... Hey, question, if its a male can i clone it? or will it be another male... probly a dumb question considering its called "cloning" but might as well ask
  4. the clone will be a male it has the exact same genetics
    but hey man how high were u when u dropped ur 7 plants?
  5. hahahahha yeah... the funny thing is..... not at all.... lame huh.
  6. Last year, growing on my terrace, my best lady gave me 16.3 ounces.

    A pound of bud must be worth going for.
  7. Well with the luck iv had so far i bet it will be a male, but id love 16 ounces!
  8. Yeah man that day was a tragety must have been the worst day in your life. or you were really stoned:smoke:....hahaha
    Grow more plants man. i think its worth it just watching them grow
  9. If the plant turns out to be female I would designated it as my cloning mother (keeping her in constant 18/6 veg) and clone the heck out of that sucker. You should be able to keep her as a mother forever and get an infinite amount of plants off of her.
  10. Not forever, but I have heard of mothers being kept going for a number of years by this method.

  11. Yes forever. A plant can be kept in veg indefinitely according to Mel Frank in one of his many books.
  12. 16 ounces??!!?! good lord thats a lot of reefer from one plant. Gimme some details about this plant, what kind of weed was it? How tall was it? how long did it take to grow from start to finish? any special ferts?
  13. Yes, my own fert made from Russian comfrey.

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