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Discussion in 'General' started by Rahmer, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. So i just spent a few weeks in Germany visiting my girlfriend (who was previously an exchange student in MN where i used to live) and definitely loved it. My first time out of the country actually! Found some pretty good dank (compared to what i had in MN) at a party and everyone was really cool and chill. Though not many people spoke great English it was still a blast. Especially since i'm not 21 so i could legally drink whatever I wanted wherever I wanted :)

    Now I flew from Germany directly to Cali where i will be starting college soon to become an automotive tech. At the moment i'm staying with family in east bay area, but i'm moving into an apartment in Sacramento in about a week. So far haven't been able to find any bud, but i've only been here a few days. Anyone have suggestions on where i should go to meet some new friends? Anyone else had similar experience with moving to Cali solo? :smoke:
  2. MN FTW

    No, but best of luck.
  3. It won't be hard to find people to sell you weed in Sactown. Just look for a stoner looking type and ask them. :p

    You could also try and get your medical card.
  4. I wanna moveee to Cali, Fuuuu

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