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Just moved to New Hampshire

Discussion in 'General' started by rockntoke, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Well, just made the biggest trip of my life. This is the farthest away from my home I've ever been, I'm originally from south texas. Any fellow members live in NH? Anything I should know about the culture, etc? I barely met my neighbors today, they seem like good guys, they say the love to blaze out too and hopefully I'll be hanging out with them occassionally, but besides them I know nobody here. would love to meet new friends, or at least talk to people from here, its still a bit unreal, as i never really traveled before.
  2. I am sorry.
  3. I lived there for five years, people in general are assholes. Not trying to generalize but initially they're stand off ish and hostile. But once you get to know them they'll take a bullet for you. Good outdoor stuff, gotta go ice fishing in one of the little villages.

    Make sure you go to some Sox games!
  4. But seriously, what part are you from? Southern NH is alright, activity wise. But Northern NH is much nicer.
  5. southern. the big city.
  6. I am about 50 minutes to the north. I tried the city thing, wasn't a fan. Moved onto a lake and I love it. Only thing we lack is nightlife. Buds are always great up here too.
    Have you checked out some clubs? I got some friends that promote down there, limos etc. girls are plentiful.
  7. thats what i heard earlier, supposed to be a lot of prostitutes over here haha. nightlife isnt for me though, im a dad and married. thats behind me, i just prefer lounging :D im an old timer i guess.
  8. I go to Nashua a decent amount... fuck MA sales tax! Manchester is chill though, Strange Brew is good shit if you like craft beer.
  9. My condolences :(
  10. wow lots of hate for NH here lol
  11. NH is far from weed friendly, law wise. I wouldn't mind living up North though
  12. pay no attention to the haters.... I've seen more countries than I have states, and I've seen 38 of those.... let me tell you, NH is hands down the best place I have been on this earth..... Capt Soydog was dead on accurate regarding the culture here. Literally his description is SPOT ON.

    Is the pot good here? It's the best pot I have ever smoked in my entire life. Am I being a bit biased? Perhaps, but it doesn't take away from the fact. It really is the best pot I have ever smoked.

    As a person who's at a point in their life where they want to settle down and enjoy the more relaxed pace in life, you won't find better. Now, if you are down in M or N, move north more, it gets WAAAAAAY nicer.

    Welcome to NH!! Come visit this thread next year and laugh at all the naysayers.
  13. Mornin ThePot!! good to see another friendly New England face again..... Historically you are so right. But you just wait my friend, new governor now, and this Granite state is about to become the Greenit State.
  14. NH's laws are pretty strict, but I live close to the MA/NH border, so I go there a lot. It's gonna be one hell of a culture shock coming here from Texas, but you'll like it. Definitely gotta try camping in the White Mountains when summer rolls around.
  15. hahaha I just saw the polling myself about 10 mins ago ThePot..... is that some shit or what man? Oh yeah, caretaker here I come!!! oh wait, maybe I already do that....
  16. No offense to New Englanders. I'm sure there's some nice people up there. I'm a Texan tho and wouldn't live up there if you paid me
  17. 99% white

  18. Because Texas is such a great state filled with love and compassion right?
  19. Thats texans for u

    They have a lot of pride.

    I used to live there

    Not hating on texas, just stating the facts

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