Just moved to denver

Discussion in 'General' started by KushNBerriez, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. So i just moved to denver n i need some new stoner freinds :D
  2. And I need a million dollars...But I'm not postin' a thread on GC about it.:cool:
  3. Oink Oink ???

    61 posts are deceiving.
  4. Lol a hole jus need sum help yo
  5. Lol fuuuk now ima cop

  6. they admitted it! RUN!
  7. [quote name='"ghostonvacation"']

    they admitted it! RUN![/quote]

    *flips over table..

  8. Denver is a big city, get out and start exploring. Hit the parks, bars, events, etc. :smoke:

  9. Im in montbello anythng around here
  10. I smell bacon.
  11. go to capitol hill or 16th street mall. or colfax. you'll find it, and some "friends"

  12. Thats wat ur mom said

  13. thanks yo!!!! Will do
  14. Sancho's is a dead head bar right across the street from the Fillmore, off Colfax. lots of heady people there.

  15. Kool man ima have to check it out

  16. got em

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