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Just Moved To Denver, Colorado!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokinBluntsTX, May 31, 2010.

  1. Normally i smoke some dank weed, AK 47, Gran Daddy Purp, Super Lemon Haze.
    And that's when i was living in Houston.

    It sucks now, cause i had good hook ups through good friends.
    But since i had to move I've lost them all.

    It's going to take me forever to look for a new connect :l
  2. Awww welcome to the mile high city! don't worry dude, once you start to get to know people, we have the dankest bud in rockies!

    Good luck bro

  3. I hope i get to know people fast, Hopefully when i find a job. ;)
  4. what area do you live in if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Man, I plan on moving to Colorado when I'm older. :(

  6. Englewood

  7. It's nice man, You should def move out here :)
  8. due- your in colorada. get you a med card, you need a dispensory not a connection.:smoking:
  9. Nice. I live in the Arvada area.
  10. I would suggest getting out, getting active, etc. Check and for groups that are meeting to hang out, go to the movies, etc. Find some friends that you have something in common with, and perhaps hookups will follow?
    If you have a qualifying condition, get your card and use a dispensary.
    Best of luck!

  11. Well man we should chill! You're like 10 mins/15 mins away right?
    Still don't know this area too well.
  12. Yeah, I'm in colorado man. But not everyone qualifies for a marijuana card.
    In my eyes, I'm completely fine. Unless their is an exscuse i can use?
  13. Do you have anything like insomnia to get a license with? I do lol... And it can actually sometimes be induced! (Though you may not want to) By staying up all night and sleeping all day... I did this as a teen and it came back to haunt me lol. But if TN would just legalize med mari I could have a card so easy! I can't wait till that day!:ey:
  14. You are an example of why some people don't want medical in their state. They're afraid people like you will abuse it by coming up with some bs reason to get a card.

    If you really were an insomniac than it's all good, that's legitimate, but you say you 'induced' it. Way to go pal, cheating the system.
  15. ^So many people cheat the system and thats why people are against it. It is so easily abused, just look at CA..
  16. But then again why should someone who wants and SHOULD be able to smoke be as persecuted as a criminal?

    It's all about the morals...
  17. #17 Colts, Jun 1, 2010
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2010

    everything gets abused, wake up and smell the coffee. Prescriptions, welfare checks, taxes, etc. Your cheating the government yourself whether your smoking with a card or without since its federally illegal. Im tired of hearing that it will be abused in every mmj thread. Its just human nature. check out the documentary oxycontin express. i dont care what anyone says I rather someone be smoking herb illegally them smoking oxy legally.

    [ame=""]documentary oxycontin express[/ame]

    Edit: Video 4/5 @ 0:48 "what you get for $500 is worth $5000 on the street. Weed needs to be legalized as you can't prohibit a plant but can a drug(oxy).
  18. That's not the point at all. People that get cards when they didn't really deserve it just slows down the process of getting it legalized, and it feeds right into the peoples arguments for not having medical marijuana legalized
  19. are you not reading what I'm saying? I'm saying people need to stick to the rules and get a card only when they need it so that more states join in. The abuse issue is a big part of what's holding back other states from getting a medical marijuana program going.
  20. I understand your argument, but yes it is about the morals: some saying we shouldn't smoke it to begin with, some saying it should be completely legal, some saying it should be tolerated.

    The problem is it's all based on people MORALS. I'm not trying to be a dick, but only one thing should be settled around, and not all this 'around the system' crap. People should be able to use it without harassment, but until then I think if you have the ability I say go for it.

    I hate to say that no matter what people WILL abuse it. It is human-nature, or fallacy, and as long as the system is able to be abused it will be despite your protests.

    I wish we could smoke in harmony.

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