just moved to CT from toronto.freshinthecity

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by chemPRO'digal, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. HEY

    hows everyone doing on this beautiful tuesday.

    just lookin for a legit herb forum nd this place has awesome rooms. i dig the philosophy section especially. just a soft spoken enigmatic individual into psychedelics, herbs, music, philosophy.

    i dig all kinda of music. hardcore. grindcore. rap. hiphop. death.screamo.emo.indie.ambient.classic rock, nething.

    well hope to meet some coobrothas nd sisters.
    peace and love........anddddddddddd
    smoke blunts=]
  2. welcome new nutmegger! :)
  3. where in ct are ya ?
  4. welcome to the forums buddy :D
  5. thanks ppl.

    BIGZ im actually down in the valley---ANSONIA.

    i been working all over the place with the mother though. newhaven area, oxford, etc... mad construction nd tiling. laying tiles out for 12 hours blazed the whole time. thats some master sensei wax-on-wax off shee-at.
  6. Ansonia eh? Thhat's not too far from where I live, I live in old saybrook.

    Nice to see so many CTers on the city :D
  7. Welcome to good old CT. im from the groton area
  8. dam no one is from northern ct wtf
  9. well CT is only like an hour across each way where do you live dude?
  10. Ah, Connecticut, what a great state.

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